Friday, May 18, 2007


We of the Sindhi Nation celebrate several events, rejoice in birthdays of>great personalities and pay handsome tributes to those who have>enriched our lives, culture and heritage across countless centuries since >the>formation of Bharat Varsha.>>Yet one major personality whom our people often forget is Bharat who was >the>Karkarta (Elected Supreme Chief) of Sindhu Hindu Clan in 5000 BCE. It >was>in Bharats honour, that the Indian sub-continent was named as BHARAT >VARSHA>(long after Bharat had retired as a hermit at the age of 60, in accordance>with age-old custom).>While much had remained hidden in the graveyard of history for these long>centuries, Bhagwan S. Gidwani has, with enormous research, brought to >light in>his book, Return of the Aryans, the story of Bharat and his life and >times.>As this masterly book shows, it was Bharat, in whose honour the Indian>sub-continent was named as BHARAT VARSHA (long after Bharat had retired >as a hermit>at the age of 60, in accordance with age-old custom). Gidwanis book brings>out the extraordinary and unmatched achievements of this great Sindhi.>Also, as Gidwani shows, it was Karkarta Bharat who had composed in 5085 >BCE,>the SONG OF THE SINDHU HINDU to explain: WHO IS A HINDU? - His Identity,>his Duty, and his Mission.>This great Song celebrates the principle of ancient Indian culture of all>inclusiveness, excluding none from God's grace whatever their faith. >Clearly it>says, God's gracious purpose includes all human beings and all Creation, >for>God is the Creator and God is the Creation, that all are blessed and>whatever God you choose he is that God and Dharma, righteousness or good >conduct is>His will. The Song stresses need for continuing search of truth and>knowledge, for we can not be hostage to dogma or custom or present >learning, but must>strive to enlarge the heritage of mankind, for ours is a growing tradition>and not a fixed Revelation. To the present day Indian, whatever his >spiritual>beliefs, conception of the Divine and his Cosmos, afflicted by >misconceived>ideas of pacifism and non-violence, the song's message is clear. That he>must remain strong and united for he must know that not an external >outside>force can ever crush him, except when he is divided and betrays his own.>By recalling and singing this Song, we pay respectful homage to the sacred>earth of Sindh, which nurtured this breathtakingly advanced civilization >of>Sindhu-Saraswati. It is the common inheritance and the priceless treasure >of>both India and Pakistan. - in fact, the whole world.>This scroll is to celebrate the Song of the Sindhu Hindu and to salute its>author Karkarta Bharat a gallant warrior, great nation-builder, statesman,>poet, philosopher, and one who firmly believed in the humane ideals of >Sanatana>Dharma, particularly his recognition of spiritual nature of man wherever >he>is from and acceptance of every culture as an expression of eternal >values.>Many of you, hopefully, will share my joy in celebrating Song of the >Sindhu>Hindu and re-affirming our faith in the values that its Composer Bharat >put>forth for harmony, tolerance, national integration, individual freedom and>human rights.>>>


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