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Chhagan and The Grocer.


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This is really big one so with patience read , I think u would appreciate!

There was a Grocery shop in the remote village of Satara, Maharashtra. The founder grocer died and the son took over the reigns. In major bid to revamp the organization he decided to remove the old staff and recruit the new energetic staff.

The only stumbling block was Chhagan, the oldest employee of the shop who worked for decades with his father. He used to pack the items in the baggage and handover to the customers and for decades he has been doing the same job without a single day misssing in decades. The new owner used to get so irritated so much to see him but could never find the reason to remove him.

So he decided to take a management trick!
With sympathetic approach he told Chhagan that he has not done anything in the life except packing the baggages, so he should go out and do something and prove to himself that he has done something after coming in this world. So during the discussion he asks him do u know anybody out side this shop, forget the world. So Chhagan says " As Such I know some people in this world"

Grocer ( G ):- Whome do u know?
Chhagan( C ):- I know Shivsena Chief Bal Thackeray.

Grocer thinks how it possible since my birth I have been seeing him packing then how can he know such a strong leader, must be saying lies.
C:- Do u know Bal Tahckeray, Let us go to Mumbai and prove me that u know him .
So they land up Shivsena Bhavan, where a big meeting was on just from the far Chhagan waves to Mr. Thackeray, who leaves the meeting and comes to him Saying " Oh Chhagan u r in Mumbai so wait for a few more days have Mumbai Darshan and then go so Mr Thackeray provides him the personal car they do Mumbai site seeing and then go back. Surely surprised G keeps guessing how this can happen however decides somehow to remove.

G:- what is Bal Thackeray just a regional strong man, so u know somebody even bigger than him.
C:- Yes As such I know Mr Manmohan Singh Indian PM.

Now this G is so much surprised thinking how the hell is it possible, can not be.

C:- Let us go and meet him.

So they proceed to Delhi.
Visit Parliament where a big session going on C sends the chit saying "Chhagan from Satara"

PM leaving the session comes out saying " Oh Chhagan u r in Delhi , now as such u hv come so stay here have some site seeing and then go".
So really really surprised G goes back thinking what else to be done now. How the hell is it possible? What to do now.......

G:- What is Manmohan Singh, a PM of an emmerging country who is known by a few countries, do u know somebody who is known worldwide.
After thinking for sometime........
C:- Yes,,,,,,I know George Bush.
G:- Whhhaaaaat U know USA President George Bush?????( Highly Surprised wondering), let us go USA.

So land up in Washington DC, where senate and congress members are discussing the latest status in Afghanistan and Iraq....
So again Chhagan send the chit saying " Chhagan from Satara, India".
Immediately Bush comes out saying" Oh My dear Chhagan u r in states, now as such u have come stay for some days, see our country, andthen go" Gives Airforce -1 for the site seeing and all.So with great hospitality they go back.

So now G absolutely mad thinking how is it possible,,,,,what to do , owever let us take the last chance which this time he can not escape,says.......

G:- What is George Bush, yes a bigger name however hated by the most of the world. Do u know somebody known in the entire world and also loved by the entire world?
C:- AAaaaaaa I know pope Benedict the 16'th......
G:- Wwwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaatttttt u know pope.....???????

Really really surprisingly confused what is happening around.....
G:- Ccccccccommon let us go to Vetican,,prove me that u really know him.......

So they land up Vetican,,,,where a big mass going on attanded as usual by lacs of people and series of white dressed fathers alongwith Pope behind Bullet proof Glass,,,,,,,so G asks C to go and prove that he knows him.....
So C starts proceeding to the dais thru the Gangway of the big mass rally.

Thinking there are so many white dressed fathers on the dais,,,how to recognize the real Pope ,,,,,so he asks the next person,who is the Pope.
Here comes the reply" I don't know who is pope, but I know this person who is walking on this Gangway is Chhagan from India."

The grocer faints and later on understood died out of major shock of life.


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