Thursday, January 04, 2007


In a series of five articles, V. Sundaram has
> documented the disastrous
> consequences of an appeasement policy based on
> minorityism first started by
> Gandhi and now continued by the UPA government.
> These are important tracts
> related to the skewed nature of the 'Freedom
> Movement' which has yet to be
> fully documented. Eminent historians swallowed up
> money and did not produce
> the book on Freedom Struggle desired by ICHR. It is
> time that the UPA
> government learns some lessons from history. See
> The series concludes with a reference to a shocking,
> unwarranted statement
> by the Hon'ble PM, Manmohan Singh.
> Excerpt: [quote] Mahatma Gandhi's vision seems to be
> as current today as it
> was in 1924. Dr. Manmohan and his UPA Government are
> endeavouring to
> translate the cosmic dream of Mahatma Gandhi into a
> concrete reality through
> the 'New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of
> Minorities'. Recently our
> communalist Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh spoke
> the rabidly communal
> words of a mofussil politician fighting in Municipal
> elections. I am
> referring to his inaugural speech at Dalit-Minority
> International Conference
> organized by Ram Vilas Paswan of Lok Janasakti party
> in New Delhi on 27
> December, 2006. To quote his essentially unfortunate
> and impolitic words:
> 'Some minorities in India have done better than
> others. For example in
> India, minority communities like the Jains and the
> Sikhs have fared
> relatively well from the process of social and
> economic development.
> However, other minorities, especially the Muslim
> community in certain parts
> of our country, have not had an equal share of the
> fruits of development.'
> I can see that Honourable Dr Manmohan Singh is a
> Sikh and considers himself
> a member of a 'Minority Community'.
> By his own recent speech, he has shown that he has
> total contempt for the
> letter and spirit of our Constitution. If this is
> not correct, then he is
> guilty of either voluntary ignorance as a third
> grade politician or
> involuntary ignorance as a routine Congress
> Minister, as the case may be. To
> quote the most brilliant and appropriate words of Dr
> S Kalyanaraman, an
> International Civil Servant in this context:
> 'According to the Constitution,
> persons professing Sikh, Jaina or Buddha Religions
> are Hindu, that is the
> majority in Bharatham, and Sikh, Jaina or Buddha
> adherents do NOT constitute
> a minority. This is the established law according to
> many Supreme Court
> Judgements. How can Prime Minister make a statement
> in violation of the
> Constitutional mandate? Dr Manmohan Singh adumbrates
> 'Minorityism' as a
> State policy which is against the spirit, letter and
> basic structure of the
> Constitution. How can a Government, whose executive
> head violates the
> Constitution in a written speech, after taking an
> oath to uphold the
> Constitution, introduce new definitions of
> minorities (unauthorised by the
> Constitution), be eligible to continue in power?' Dr
> Manmohan Singh's
> approach to minorityism cuts at the root of national
> unity envisaged by the
> Constitution.
> Dr Kalyanaraman is mathematically right. Explanation
> II given under Article
> 25 of the Constitution of India states: 'In
> sub-clause (b) of clause (2) the
> reference to Hindus shall be construed as including
> a reference to persons
> professing the Sikh, Jain or Buddhist Religion, and
> the reference to Hindu
> Religious Institutions shall be construed
> accordingly.'
> In short, the definition of 'Hindu' is categorical
> and unambiguous in the
> Indian Constitution and includes within its fold
> those professing Sikh, Jain
> or Buddhist Religions.
> In a recent Judgement, Supreme Court has declared:
> 'Differential treatments
> to linguistic minorities based on language within
> the State is
> understandable but if the same concept for
> minorities on the basis of
> religion is encouraged, the whole country, which is
> already under class and
> social conflicts due to various divisive forces,
> will further face divisions
> on the basis of religious diversities. Such claims
> to minority status based
> on religion would increase in the fond hope of
> various sections of people
> getting special protections, privileges and
> treatment as part of
> Constitutional guarantee. Encouragement to such
> fissiparous tendencies would
> be a serious jolt to the secular structure of
> Constitutional democracy. We
> should guard against making our country akin to a
> theocratic State based on
> multi-nationalism. The State will treat all
> religions and religious groups
> equally and with equal respect without in any manner
> interfering with their
> individual rights of religion, faith and worship'.
> Dr Manmohan Singh's legacy as the disastrous head of
> an irresponsible
> Government will be that of pampering and pandering
> to Minorityism, creating
> a State based on religions, while the Constitution
> of India enjoins that the
> State shall have no religion. [unquote]
> --
> Let noble thoughts come from all sides.
> aa no bhadraah krtavo yantu vis'vatah
> S. Kalyanaraman

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