Friday, December 29, 2006


I wish to make a special and very important request for the Bhartiya community
residing in the United States. Rajnikant Parikh was badly beaten by a
racially motivated police man in Edison a few months ago and is currently
lodged in a jail meant to keep deadly criminals. A brave community
leader,Shri Devendra Makkar is doing his best to get Rajnikant out of jail.
But,Rajnikant needs help from all of us in order to breathe fresh air
outside the jail.

Please read a plea below from Julie Patel who is standing firm to get her
husband out of jail. I see a Savitri in Julie and am confident that with our
help her husband will join her soon. Paul Brickfield,a high profile
attorney,has agreed to take the case of Rajnikant but we must raise $15,000
in less than a week in order to retain him. This is the time to stick
together to help a fellow Hindu in need. A jewish community does not have
these kinds of problem because they are bonded together. We must also show
our Hindu spirit to help get Rajnikant out of jail. It will be a shameful
thing if Rajnikant does not get justice because of lack of our support.

These lists have at least a few thousand members. Even if 100 members decide
to donate $150 for this noble cause,we can raise the required money in a few
days. Please make checks payable to Paul Brickfield and mail to c/o Devendra
Makkar,568 Ashwood Road,Springfield,NJ 07081

I will be mailing my check tomorrow and request all of you to do that.
Please e-mail me after you send your check for the accounting purpose.
Please act fast as the time is of essence. A newspaper report on this case
is also attached.



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From: Julie Patel

Hello. My name is Julie Patel, the spouse of Rajnikant Parikh. I got your
contact information from Mr. Devendra Makkar. I am writing to you to ask
assistance in the funding of my husband's legal matters.

I would like to recap for you what has happened thus far. On July 4, 2006,
was involved in a case of police brutality. That officer was involved in a
similar incident less than one year prior to this incident also. We asked
the officer no longer work on the force, especially not in the area where
incidences occurred. About one month later, on August 2, 2006, with the
help of
the community and supporters, we held a peaceful protest in front of the
municipal complex. However, Raj was taken in for questioning by two
and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Unfortunately, since then, Raj has
detained at a county correctional facility.

Raj initially came to the US in 1995 and was held and released be ICE, but
before his hearing date, he went back to India in early 1996 due to health
problems. He came back in 1999 with an H1-B visa. We got married in
2003 and in April 2005, we went in for our interview for adjustment of his
immigration status and since then, it has been pending. We made an appeal
open his initial case from 1995, but it was dismissed because the attorney
failed to attach "Forms of Relief," twice. Also, the attorney had been
and is now in jail for ethical wrong-doing.

We have now retained another attorney for Raj's immigration matters, but we
still need help for the municipal case. The lawyer we have spoken to is a
reputable attorney and he is asking for a $15,000 retainer fee. As you
Raj is detained and I am still a student. So far, the community is trying
help, but they are not standing up against their political affiliations and
those that are helping do not have the funds themselves to take all the
of the legal funding. Therefore, I ask you now if you can help in any of
funding for my husband's legal matters. We are doing our best and so far,
willing, we have held our head high, but as it is now evident that there was
conspiracy with the local and federal government agencies, we have an even
better chance of succeeding in our legal cases. It would be a shame is we
due to insufficient funding or inadequate representation.

Again, I urge you to help with the funding as much as you can. It will be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,Julie Patel

P.S. - We do not want the funds for ourselves. Checks can be made payable
Paul Brickfield of Brickfield & Donahue Attorneys. He can be contacted at
(201) 488-7709 or (201)
488-9559 (fax) and his email address is



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