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Shimla teacher finds 'inconsistencies' in E=mc2

Sunday, 15 October , 2006, 18:10

Shimla: A Shimla-based science teacher has pointed out ''inconsistencies'' in the Einstein's Law of Conservation of Matter equation E = mc2, while putting forth a ''new improved equation'.'

Ajay Sharma, a teacher in a local government high secondary school, has derived a new equation dE = Ac2dm (DE = Ac2DM) instead of E = mc2, which, he says, Einstein did not ''derive mathematically'' but, in a true sense, ''speculated''.

Earlier, Einstein derived L = mc2 (light energy mass conversion equation) and then ''speculated'' that what is true for light energy (L) would also be true for energy (E), which is wrong, he says.

Sharma said the E=mc2 is the result of a ''speculation, instead of any research, adding that a specific mathematical derivation should not be based on speculation, but arrived at after hard research''.

The derivation L = Dmc2 is ''incomplete or true in special conditions only'', he says. ''Einstein just handpicked values of parameters out of numerous possible, to obtain the equation. If all valid values of parameters are taken, then results are contradictory experimentally.''

He says basically what Einstein did was replaced L by E in equation L = Dmc2 to get E= Dmc2.

In physics, there are well-established methods to get equations. ''Such deductions are not scientific, and probably is the first and last case of its kind in the history of science.''

Sharma said since Einstein was aware of the reality, he left it in midway after getting the desired result. ''If all valid values of parameters are taken, then results are contradictory in nature.''

He says the equation, E = mc2, had existed even before Einstein and had been published in a science journal by Olinto de Pretto in February 1904, two years before he propagated it in late 1905.

However, Pretto, died in 1921, before its experimental confirmation in nuclear physics, he says.

Asserting that his dE =Ac2dm (DE = Ac2 DM) equation was based upon a conceptual and mathematical derivation, he says Einstein's E=mc2 equation is ''purely speculative''.

While dE =Ac2dm (DE = Ac2 DM) is a general equation and E=mc2 is its special case. Energy emitted by new equation can be ''less, equal to or more than predicted'' by E=mc2, he says.

Sharma says has received international recognition now with his research papers being published in international journals and read in conferences in America, England and Canada.

''I have got invitations from at least 50 international conferences to present my work,'' he says. He is also confident that his work will soon be taught in schools and colleges all over the world after getting scientific approval.

''My work has been published in a book, which is being published in the United States of America (USA) and is titled 100 years of E =mc2,'' Sharma added.

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