Sunday, August 27, 2006


3. Recent Poll Indicates that Vegetarians are not Faring That Well in India

NEW DELHI, INDIA, August 13, 2006: A survey conducted by CNN-IBN and The Hindu has found many Indians are not vegetarians. The food habits varied on the basis of region and religion. The survey says while just two per cent of Keralites are vegetarian, less than four per cent survive on greens in Andhra Pradesh and eight per cent in Orissa and Tamil Nadu. The percentage of vegetarian families are higher in northern India, with Rajasthan accounting for 63 per cent vegetarian people, Haryana 62 per cent, Punjab 48 per cent, Gujarat 45 per cent, Madhya Pradesh 35 per cent and Uttar Pradesh 33 per cent. There are nine per cent others who are vegetarians but they eat eggs. Overall, only 31 per cent individuals prefer vegetarian food and 60 per cent others have shown a definite preference for non-vegetarian food. In the overall count, 21 per cent Indian families are pure vegetarians while 44 per cent families prefer having non-vegetarian food. And 32 per cent families have people who eat both vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian foods (ie, have both vegetaraian and nonvegetarian members). The poll lists other habits such as the most consumed beverage, whether a household has smokers, the consumption of alcohol, and how much hunger is prevalent in the country. Check the URL listed above for all the interesting statistics.


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