Saturday, August 05, 2006


Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(1835) author of Jesus in India(1899) and founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, described Jesus` escape from an accursed death on the cross and his subsequent journey to India in quest of the lost tribes of Israel; tribes whomhe was to gather into his fold as mentioned in the New Testament.

Ahmad supports his thesis using evidence from Christian and Muslim Scriptures, old medical books, and books of history, some of which include ancient Buddhist records.

In order to support his position that Jesusdid not die on the cross, Ahmad uses evidence from the Bible, testimonies of the Holy Quran, and saying of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam. He quotes medical books establishing that Jesus Christ was in fact alive when he was brought downfrom the cross, and offers historical records confirming the travels of Jesus and his mother Mary, after the event of the crucifixion, through Afghanistan and India in search of the lost tribes of Israel.

Jesus died at the age of 120 yeara at Srinagar, in Kashmir, and that his tomb is to be found in the Khan Yar Street of that town.


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