Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hindus, their own worst enemies

and are afraid even to speak up, when continual violence is perpetrated by Moslems against them.

Ms. Tawleen Singh's observation is completely correct. Fellow Hindus just
start boycotting you if they find out that you are a pro-Hindu person. This
is not true just in journalistic circles, but pretty much everywhere. Hindus
are self-hating, for the most part. It is most unfortunate, but true. Alas,
we just have to keep doing what we do without much expectations. Like Sri
Krishna advises us to - do your karma, and leave the rest to me.

I would be damned if I knew why is there so much stigma against loving their
own religion for a Hindu. The centuries of slavery forced upon us by the
Muslim invaders and European imperialists should, in fact, inculcate an
attitude to defy the very people who did this to us. Instead, we look upon
them. Hindus are the ultimate slaves, I am sorry to say.

Hindus are the enemies of Hindus, not Muslims or Christians. The day we
start respecting ourselves, they would too.



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