Friday, May 26, 2006


There is an intense fight going on in Delhi and other cities in India against reservations. I am enclosing an opinion of a professor of IIT Delhi. As an engineer and also a general category Hindu, your exposure to the western world and their management of education for producing quality brains will help in getting the insight into their system. We as proud Indians want our professional (engineering, medicine, management) institutions not to be in top ten but at number one position in the world. With reservations, deserving students will get de-motivated and the entire foundation on which the present knowledge based economy is resting is at risk. What’s going on is racism in true form where the deserving and brilliant students and candidates are being suppressed so that at a later date the suppression is so deep rooted through admissions in schools, colleges, jobs and promotions that the entire nation will be ruled and (mis)managed by people who could not withstand competition and fair-play. After 58 years of independence, our politicians are still following the British principles of “Divide and Rule”, this is nothing but vote bank politics. I would like you to support the on-going anti-reservation sentiments and write a few words for everyone to understand. In my opinion our HRD minister must be getting paid heavily by interested parties to ruin this country by tact.


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