Saturday, May 13, 2006



National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) should take note of video-films showing Mumbai Police taking help of anti-social elements (in blue shirts) in mercilessly beating agitating medical-students protesting against reservation-policy. Mumbai Police Commissioner AN Ray and other responsible police-persons should not only be suspended but also arrested for their inhuman act with educated youth. Blunt lie of AN Ray about not making lathi-charge on medicos should not be tolerated. It is senseless to wait for seven long days for enquiry ordered by Mumbai Police Commissioner on instructions of Maharashtra Governor which should have not taken more than seven minutes after seeing the video-clippings. Arrested students should be immediately released without need of any bail or other formality. Persons in blue shirts assisting Mumbai Police in its inhuman act should be traced and arrested with charges of attempt to murder. Perhaps it is for first time that Police in any state took unlawful help of anti-social elements in mercilessly beating educated youth of this great democratic nation! Governor, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra should tender apology on behalf of administration for such unprecedented police-act in history of India which reminded of notorious Jaliawalan-episode in British regime. Are we living in ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ or in a ‘Shining India’?


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