Wednesday, May 17, 2006


unlike the Mexican copies, which are beautiful to look at but tasteless!

Who's the king of mangoes?

May 16, 2006

Alphonso is the best declare Indians south of the Vindhayas.

Langda and Dussehri swear Indians from the north.

When it comes to mangoes -- the king of fruits -- Indians can stir up the mother of all debates in this short, seemingly harmless sentence -- 'Who's the king of mangoes?'

"Alphonso is the best. Is there any other kind?" asks a die-hard Mumbaiwallah.

"Arre, you Aapus(Alphonso)wallahs are so limited in your mango-taste and mango-view, that you'll never know what real mangoes are all about," say the North Indians passionate about their Langda.

We decided to throw this debate and open to you dear readers.

Tell us, who you think is the real king of the mangoes?


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