Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who are you not?

Who You Are

I find myself on the downhill slide of yet another trial in my
life where confusion seemed to be the only thing I was sure of.

Who, what, why, when, how, and how long were the questions I
didn't have answers for.

Last night, I sat quietly and instead of asking,
I just listened.

God whispered to me.

Who I am is a child of His.

What I am is a wife and mother.

Why is something we can only figure out as we go along.
When is always and can never be more than right here and right
now (live for today).

How is only with His help, and how long depends mostly on us.

He explained to me that I am who and what I am
(don't try to be any more or any less) therefore I need to do
and be the best that I can at all times.

I get discouraged,
but I also have the ability to inspire and be inspired.

I become sad sometimes,
but I can also experience joy.

I can become angry,
but I have the heart to console.

I need to be forgiven sometimes (a lot)
but I can also forgive.

I feel helpless at times,
but can still lend a hand or ear to help others.

I am a teacher,
but I still have much to learn.

I get confused,
but deep down I know the answers are within my grasp.

It is the same grasp that boldly lifts my hands to Heaven,
and gently brings me to my knees.

Sometimes I feel lost,
but that is merely an illusion because it is not only enough for
my Father to know where I am and exactly what I am going

He has every hair on my head numbered.

Life is a series of lessons to be learned.
That is the only way we can grow.

I wish I had all the answers, but sometimes I think (I know) the
only way for us to become stronger and grow into what He wants
us to be, is to walk through the fire.

So, whatever you're going through, hold your head up, guard your
heart, and put all your faith and trust in the only ONE who will
never fail you....... JESUS.......

Remember all the things you can be even when you are sometimes
those things you wish you weren't.


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