Sunday, November 20, 2005


1. When I said Thames water, I meant whisky, which is a sort of joke;

2. As for the world's evil and vices which are on the increase, the only
answer I can find is in the Hindu religiion. According to Hindu religion
the human existence on earth is divided in four epochs, each epoch lasting
hundreds of thousands of years: the first epoch is SATYAYUG (The truthful
period) in which people are very pious and good; then comes TRETA yUG, WHEN
decay in mentalities starts a bit, but people are still generally good, in
the third yug which is called DWAPAR, people become worse still and the
fourth one is KALIYUG (i.e. machine age) in which we are now. In this yug,
people do not believe in God, they say we are everything, it is through sex
that the world is created. In this yug nothing will make sense, people will
have no respect for each other or for their brothers, sisters, daughters
etc. There will be lots of glitter and money, but no character and no
happiness. At the end of the period for this yug, the world destroys itself
and is recreated or reborn in SATYA YUG and that's how the cycle goes on. I
know this story from my childhood. Now it is upto you to accept or reject
it.. Hindu religion also believes that whenever the religion decays too much on this earth, God comes here in human form.He has already been on earth nine times, in SATYA YUG, BHAGWAN RAM came and in DWAPAR, BHAGWAN KRISHN came and they killed the bad ones and protected the good people. Lord Krishn also gave a message for life and how to live etc. which is enshrined in the book called SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GITA, in short it
is called GITA.

4. I hope I have not bored you enough by now but let me add the following:
In Kaliyug the only thing which can save a man or a woman, is by continually
repeating GOD's name, whichever God you believe in and try to be good and
helpful to others and remain serene and unaffected from whatever happens in
the world around us, to us, near us or far away and continue to do your duty.


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