Thursday, November 17, 2005

Our tone and mode in conversations

The goodness one hopes to receive from others should begin with goodness
>given to others. One should never behave in a way that he would abhor
>were he the recipient.* Persons who want people to speak kindly and
>understandingly to them, to behave toward them sincerely, honorably, and
>lovingly, must initiate such response by their own demeanor in
>relationships with others. The Divine Law and the prophets deal with
>people in the noblest way, that people in turn will learn to act always
>nobly. God is never cranky, mean, or spiteful even toward those of
>troublesome temperaments; people who feel punished by Him have rather
>disturbed themselves due to their own rancorous thoughts and wrong
>actions. The infinite voice of God is silent, yet He is always
>whispering gently and lovingly through one's conscience: "Child, wake
>up, forsake the evil way."
>- Paramahansa Yogananda, from Discourse 30 in "The Second Coming of
>Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You"


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