Friday, October 14, 2005

Want to live more healthy and longer, then do the following:

While sitting, working on computer, driving or even walking, we are in the habit of slouching. This keeps our lungs constricted and they are unable to do their work properly, i.e. get enough air/oxygen into our body when we breathe. To improve upon this situation, do the following a number of times in the day: Even while sitting or walking, from time to time, pull in your stomach in, your chest up and stretch, comfortably - not too hard or too soft, and hold it for a few seconds; then leave it. Do this several times during the day and your lungs will start to work much better pumping more air/oxygen in you; moreover your veins will slowly start to loosen the plaque which has built up in them over the years. You will notice the difference in your general health and feeling of well being within days and can look forward to live a longer and much healthier life. In brief: GET OUT OF THE HABIT OF SLOUCHING, slowly but surely.


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