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Latest Humor: The New Indian Movie on Corruption and Terrorism

Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 8:23 PM
Bcc: agrasen@gmail.com

Hero: Maunmohan Singh
Heroine: Sonia Maino
Introducing: Rahul Vinci and Spanish Girl friend Veronique

Villain: A. Raja, Suresh Kalmudi

Story: Karunanidhi
Dialogue: Arundhati Roy
Typists: Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi

Character Actor: Omar Abdullah
Comedy: Sharad, SM Krishna and Party Spokespersons

Producers: Sonia Maino, Ottavio Quatrochi

Dance Masters: Sheila Dixit & Jayanti Natarajan (inputs from Barkha Dutt)
Action: Mamata Banerjee
Sound: Manish Tiwari & AM Singhvi
Camera: Kapil Sibal
Wardrobe: Shivraj Patil

Cook: Pratibha Patil

Fighting Scenes: CPI (M)/DMK, Muslim League in association with ISI/LET

Stage/Lighting/Statue Making: Mayawati and BSP
Marketing and Propaganda: Communist Party of India (Also World Vision)

Public Relations: Nira Radia

Publicity: Diggvijay Singh

Media: Chindu, Toilet News Group
Promoter: Shahid Usman

Foreign promoter: David Coleman Headley

TV/Satellite Rights: Kalaignar TV

Financed By: People of India

Proceeds go to charitable causes:
1. John Dayal (AICC), missionaries in their conversion activities
2. Bangladesh illegal immigrants (to buy ration cards, housing and also to procure arms)
3. Special funds to defend Afzal Guru and future terrorists.
4. Chinese Marxist organizations: Asha for Education, AID

Special Thanks to:
Khan-gress Party
Allies: CPI (Chinese Party of India)
Muslim league of Kerala
PFI, Islamic Caliphate of India,
Dravida Munetra Kazhagam (DMK)
Bangladeshis in India Party (BIP)
India for Jesus organization (IJO)
Naxalite party of India (NPI)

Must see Video
Corruption In India 2010 & Before




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