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From: sri venkat
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Subject: [hindiUSA] Q and A with a delusional Hindu Swami

This is an excerpt from the article " The Role of Religious Leaders In
Overcoming Hindu Catastrophe" by Dr Babu Suseelan.


Recently I had a conversation with a Hindu Swamiji of repute with
large followers all over the world. This reputed Swamiji was not
interested in knowing about the perennial conditions of Hindus
including coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, corruption,
Chinese and Pakistani border infiltration, massacre of Hindus in
Kashmir by Islamic terrorists, looting of temple wealth and Hajj
subsidy. He listened to my questions with care. But he was not
interested in any vigorous discussion with the utmost seriousness. We
differed on all points. He disagreed with my statement that the
prevailing mood of Hindus is frustration, denial, bewilderment and

My questions with this Hindu Swami and his answers will astonish all
serious Hindus worried about the rising ignorance of Hindu religious
leaders and phony secular politicians.

*Question: Did you hear that Islamic terrorists have killed
hundreds of innocent Hindus recently in Varanasi, Mumbai, New Delhi,
Bangalore and Kerala.

*Swamiji: “Oh”. Muslims are terrifying people now. Why Hindus
are afraid? How funny. Did you know that meditation can make you

*Question: Jihadi terrorists are kicking out all Hindus from
Kashmir and do you have any suggestion to stop ethnic cleansing in

*Swamiji: You know that we are not real, our body is not real.
Read our Vedas and Upanishads. It might be a good time to check it

*Question: Congress Party headed by Italian born Sonia is
looting our wealth by corrupt means. Do you have anything to say?

Swamiji: People are after money and material wealth. You can
join our meditation group for peace and tranquility.

*Question: Today our life is hard. We are faced with Jihadi
terrorism, Maoist Violence, deceptive religious conversion, people are
being robbed, alcoholism and drug abuse are on the increase. What is
the hope? Where did our glorious past go? What will be our future as a

Swamiji: All civilizations function like a human being, that
both will continually die, when the time is up. We must learn to
appreciate the horrors and dangers of life, to move past them and look
beyond something greater. We can make it if we use the power of our
soul, and realize that you are part of Brahman. Help fight your inner
frustration, emotions and feelings. I pledge alliance to my Guru.
Please join our meditation group.

*Question: Government of India spent a staggering sum of 2,891.77
core rupees (Rs28, 920, 000,000) (US $672,558,140) for Muslim Hajj
pilgrimage where Muslims are required to behead innocent animals.
Hindu temples are managed by atheists, Marxists and phony secularists
and temple wealth is looted. Do you have any suggestion to stop this
evil practice?

*Swamiji: You concentrate on realizing the real self, seek the
ultimate truth. Why do we have to speak up on such matters? Jump
starts your spiritual progress and experience an abiding sense of


I found this Hindu Swami with millions of followers around the world
as profoundly spiritual but devoid of any reality
orientation. Is he intellectually exciting…I doubt. His avoidance of
real threatening issues astounded me. In his incredible arrogance, the
Swami imagined himself entirely sufficient unto himself. He claims
that the present crisis is only an illusion fostered by ignorant
Hindus. Salvation of our soul and self-realization are the catch word
for him. It seems that he is worshipping his own power and enjoying
his luxury and worldwide followers. My encounter with him was
appalling, and its consequences could hardly have been otherwise.
Horrors which we all believed has been banished since independence,
missionary rule, Islamic terrorism, and torture of Hindus in India
have come back in the most virulent form. Are our Hindu religious
leaders concerned about our torturous life, the all-absorbing problem?
Can these Swamijis join the distinguished group of statesmen like
Swami Vivekananda, Swami Aurabindo, Swami Ramdev, Shivaji Maharaj,
Subbramanya Bharathi, Sravrkar, Hedgewar, and Guru Golwalkar? We can
learn from them, appreciate them and we can go beyond delusional
thinking, and see things what they really are. These great men offers
the way, if we care to use it, and unlock our shackles and open our
mind kept closed for thousands of years.


Namaskar and Jai Hind.

I want to ask the following questions to the Swamiji, to whom Dr. Susheelan met or interviewed, if he would be kind enough to answer them pragmatically:-

1. The Swami says that join his group, do meditation and take care of the soul; the physical life or whatever we see, is just a passing phase, then -

(a) Why did Rama had to take avtar and kill Ravana if the physical life, atrocities etc. do not matter?

(b) Why Krishna 'forced' Arjun to kill all his relatives and near and dear ones?

(c)Why did Bhagwan Krishna said that 'yada yadhi dharmasye.....'

2. The fact of the matter is that Hindu religion is an 'other worldly religion' which makes Hindus biggest cowards in the whole world on this earth, and in the name of Ahinsa, Compassiobn etc. etc. for thousands of years any invader who came to India invited or unvited, killed and massacred Hindus by the thousands and this process is continuing in the modern way and they did it with total impunity.

3. And these swamis, if they took a violent path, would be killed sooner than to do meditatiobn, have a large following and live and spend their life in utter luxury foooling the masses and their followers.

4. If what the swami says is true, then there was no need for God to come in one form or another, to kill all the asuras and rakshas,with which stories the Hindu scriptures are replete, but they should have come here and done meditation as the swami suggests and let the asuras continue with their life style, which is what is happening especially today. Apparently, these swamis are taking the easy way out and having a hell of a time!

5. Hindu religion only teaches to make money and more money and make big temples and not help their own brother in time of his need, except in some cases, earn a big name and fame, aur Hindu dharm jaye bhaarh mein!

Your comments would be highly appreciated!

Namaskar and Jai Hind.