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Aadarniy Agniveerji,

Namaskar and Jai Hind. The heading or the subject of your email gave me hope that I would find an answer to the riddle as to why God made this world and especially the human being who receives some pleasure and more unhappiness in this world. I have quoted below the part from your article wherein you say that God did not create soul, which is perhaps true as per my earlier readings. You state that God, Soul and Prakriti always existed and are eternal. Which also appears to be true!

However, when you say that God got the job of putting the souls and prikriti together, who gave him that job. In any case, when each soul started after having been put together with the body, i.e. prikriti, it is understood that all souls were pure, white and without any laisya or blackening on it.

Then why some souls mixed with the body, i.e. human beings acted wrongly and why some acted rightly, as all of them had free will and they were all white and pure when they started; under whose command or by whose inspiration they acted differently, unless the creator or creation made some of the souls mingled with body and the resultant human being as bad ones or good ones. No doubt soul is just a witness and not an actor or performer!

When one reads the mythological/historical stories in the Hindu religion things happened and were planned beforehand many many thousands of years ago for future events to come and accordingly many gods, demons and human beings were born, they lived a good or bad life, and booties were granted to them or punished for their good or bad deeds, which incidents appear to be preplanned by the creator!

Can this universal riddle be answered satisfactorily or logically or I am just missing the point?



Q: But why He needs to do all this drama to give us happiness? Can’t He give us directly?
A: God does not do anything which is not his property. For example, He will never kill Himself and create a new God. Now soul has certain properties: it is conscious, exists but devoid of happiness. It can do nothing on its own. It is like a microprocessor which can function only when hooked to a power source and motherboard. Thus God creates this computer system aka universe so that the microprocessor aka soul can function and exhibit its powers to achieve happiness.

Q: How does this Law of Karma work

A: Refer the FAQ on Theory of Karma. But basically, soul has following 6 properties: Desire, Repulsion, Efforts, Happiness, Sorrow and Knowledge. The source of all these is the core Will-power and the goal is to achieve ultimate bliss. Now as and when the soul exercises its will as per its natural properties, it is able to exhibit these properties even better and move closer to the goal. But if it acts unnatural, the properties diminish in expression and it would move away from the goal. Thus based on its deeds, soul achieves different states of its quality called Chitta.

Now what God does is that depending upon the quality of the soul, it provides it an environment which is most conducive for it to exercise its will and move towards its goal. Thus Bliss is a function of Actions which is a function of Thoughts which is a function of Knowledge which is a function of Will-Power. The reverse is also true meaning that if actions are bad, they lead to diminished knowledge and hence skewed will-power. And when one does extremely bad deeds, God puts those souls in non-human species where they can no more exercise their will-power significantly. This is done to clean up the soul of garbage in its Chitta.

This process goes uninterrupted by death. Death is merely a short stop in the journey where you get down the vehicle and replenish yourself with food and water to start afresh.

Q: This is too much to understand in one go. Can you summarize?

OK. Here is the summary:

a. God, Soul and Nature (Prakriti) are three eternal entities that always existed and will always exist. This is the actual concept of ‘Trinity’.

b. God never creates or destroys souls or nature. He only acts as a Super Manager who brings Soul and Nature together so that souls can put efforts as per Law of Karma to achieve ultimate bliss.

c. Whatever is happening with us in our life is as per our own efforts till last moment. And we can change the course of our destiny through present and future efforts.

d. Death is never a final stop. It is just a short break after which journey continues unhindered.

e. When we say that God is creator, we mean that he brings souls and nature together to give them this non-random well-planned shape. He then maintains the universe to help the souls. Finally He destroys the universe and then again starts the process of creation. All this – creation, maintenance and destruction – continues to happen just like night and day continue to follow each other. There was never a time when this process did not exist nor shall there be a time when this process will cease. That is why He is called Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Maintainer) and Pralaykarta (Destructor).

f. No property of God changes ever. So whatever He does at ALL times is for benefit of souls.

g. Souls have free-will. But that is subject to their knowledge which depends on their deeds. This forms the basis of Theory of Karma.

h. Put simply, God is always with us and he is always helping us. We need to simply follow the core will and attempt to accept truth and reject falsehood every moment. This act of truth-seeking is the natural property of soul and purpose of this universe. When we do so, we rapidly progress towards ultimate bliss.

So God never created us from nothingness. He however developed such a marvelous world for us to help us. And we can help fulfill our destiny and purpose of this creation through truth-seeking. This is the core message of Vedas and sole essence of life.

Q: One final Question – How does one ascertain that this also is not yet another creative theory and not the truth? Why should we believe you?

A: Several reasons:

a. Whatever has been said is as per Vedas – the oldest and unchanged texts. Refer the text below and you shall find several references and details.

b. This theory is intuitive and as per common observations in life. It does not talk of a miracle that needs to be accepted blindly. Law of Karma is seen working everywhere. You need not go far to test it. Simply become positive and cheerful and enthusiastic for 30 days, refuse to be negative, refuse to indulge in wrong acts and note down how whatever happens in life or you feel. You would find your level of bliss to be way higher in this small experiment. This theory is at least more plausible than things like theory of evolution which no one ever witnessed, or stories of miracles which no one ever saw.

c. Vedas do not even put a restriction that you need to believe in it blindly. However the action points that derive from this theory are such that every sensible person would agree – that accept truth and reject false to best of intentions. And perform good acts as mentioned in Vedic religion in brief.

Remember that Vedas have a very organic intuitive approach. There is no compulsion in believing. What Vedas say instead is that as and when you continue accepting truth and rejecting false to best of your intentions, things will automatically start becoming clearer. So call it whatever if you are not convinced. But you would have to agree that there is no other theory which is more logical, intuitive as well as motivating than the theory that -

“God has always been and shall always protect us and nurture us and give us opportunities and work only for our benefit all the while giving respect to our free-will without deviating even a bit!”

The global bestseller “The Secret” merely scratched the surface of this marvelous theory and changed lives of many. Imagine what would be the potential of the complete theory! We, at Agniveer, would attempt to present it to best our our understanding.

Note: For more details on this topic, I strongly recommend Chapter 7,8 and 9 of Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth. If you can read Hindi, go for the original Hindi version which is attached here. Though the language is 125 years old, it contains concepts not found elsewhere.

Hindi version:

Satyarth Prakash Chapter 7

Satyarth Prakash Chapter 8

Satyarth Praaksh Chapter 9

For English please refer this site: http://www.vjsingh.info/books.html

One who carefully understand the concepts of these 3 chapters would never ever need any other self-help book to motivate himself. Agniveer movement attributes its foundation to these select pages which turned out to be a life changing phenomenon. Move ahead and experience that transformation for yourself!

May the truth prevail!

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