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[sadhaka] How to be Free of Agitations? (Sep 3, 2010)

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|| Shree Hari ||

Ram Ram

3rd September 2010, Friday, Bhadrapad Krishna Dashami, Shukravar

Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

How to be Free of Agitations?

A point gets deeply lodged in those that are engaged in spiritual disciplines that even though we listen to spiritual discourses, but they are not useful at the right time. Now think about this point deeply. That which you consider to be of use, is as such your mistake. The mistake is that you want that knowledge to be applied in the unreal, when as such you have to rise up the unreal. You seem to rise above the unreal while listening to these talks, but when you test yourself you blend with the unreal and do so. There are ongoing changes in the unreal (body-senses-mind-intellect), and you continue to consider these modifications in your real self and you continue to say that these talks do not have any effect on the behavior.

You are visibly evident a part of God. There are no agitations or modifications in you. However by mistake you have accepted an affinity with the unreal "me" and "mine". In other words, you have accepted the perishable body as "me" and all the objects as "mine". This way by accepting the unreal as "me" and "mine" you have establish a relationship with the unreal. The unreal can never stay without modifications. By engaging in a relationship with the unreal, you continue to assume the changes that are taking place in the unreal as happening in you and then you say that these spiritual talks do not come of any use.

Changes come and they go away, but you remain as is. In other words, you remain established in your "Self". Do not stay situated in the assumed "me" and "mine". By remaining rooted in your "Self" you will become free of all agitations of the mind - "samdukhasukha swastha" (Gita 14/24). This way the talks heard in spiritual discourses will become useful to you.

Those that do not remain rooted in the Self and instead become situated in Nature, they alone become the experiencer of the modes of Nature -

"Purushah prakritistho hi bhukte prakrutijaangunaan." (Gita 13/21)

"Purushah sukhdukhaanaam bhoktrutve heturuchyate" (Gita 13/20)

"I" and "mine" - that alone is Nature, it is "maya", the world perceived by senses which is illusory. "mein auru mor tor tai maya" (Manas 3/15/1). By grabbing hold of this "maya" we say that these talks are not coming of use! By grabbing hold of "maya" surely there will be agitation, therefore remain careful and alert! Do not consider these agitations and changes to be in you.

Whatever is seen, it is in Nature. Therefore there is nothing that is ours. Ours is only the Lord, who is ever with us. Our "Self" is real. The real is never non-existent, in it there is never anything lacking and without lacking something there can never be any want in us. Therefore do not want anything for yourself. There is also nothing to do for the self. Your natural state is in the Self and in the unreal the natural and automatic actions are taking place. You blend with those natural actions and you blend those actions in your self - this is the mistake. Therefore let there be a clear and conscious discrimination that nothing is mine, we want nothing and we have nothing to do. Even if we see a relationship with the unreal due to old learned behavior then simply wait and think that this is something that is to be known and is being known, however I am the knower. That which "comes to be known" and the "knower" are completely separate. We see the pole then surely that pole does not come in us! The pole is that thing which comes to us to be known. That thing which comes to be known, is not in the knower.

That which is called "this", it cannot be "me" - this is a rule. "This: will remain "this". God has called this body as "this" - "idam shariram" (Gita 13/1), "this body". Therefore how can this body be "me"? The body cannot be "mine"; because we ourselves are a part of God. "Mamevaansho jeevaloke" (Gita 15/7) and the body, senses, etc. are a part of "Nature" - "manah shashthaani indriyaani prakritisthaani" (Gita 15/7). Therefore to consider the body as "me" and "mine" is a mistake. All the agitations, the modifications that come, they are all in the mind, intellect, senses. There are never any changes in the self. Agitations come and they go away - you are the knower of these modifications. Those agitations that come and go, how can they come in you? Become firm on this point that I am the one that remains, whereas these agitations and various changes they come and go. Understand these modifications to be the kind that come and go and that they are unreal and simply see them as accompanying. In other words, remain free of all modifications and agitations - "Aagamaapaayinonityaastaanstitikshsva" (Gita 2/14). (to be continued)

From book "Kalyaankaari Pravachan" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram



Titled "Vikaaronse kaise Chute?" dated Aug 31, 2010.

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