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[aryayouthgroup] Read, Hinduism: Path of the Ancient Wisdom

Sadoro Ddaoputt Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 4:46 PM
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Cc: Dr Hiro Badlani

Dear Members,

Please read brief description of Dr. Hiro Badlani and his foward message. Do read his creation "Hinduism, path of Ancient wisdom" by following the link. Your commnets, feedback directly to Dr. Saheb's email below shall be highly appreciated. Kindly circulate it further to your email contact.


--- On Sun, 9/12/10, Dr Hiro Badlani wrote:

From: Dr Hiro Badlani
Subject: Read Free-Hinduism: Path of the Ancient Wisdom
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010, 12:30 AM

Hinduism: Path of the Ancient Wisdom

Dr Hiro Badlani practiced ophthalmology for 40 years in Mumbai, India. After retirement, he moved to USA to join his children.

Dr Badlani dedicated the last decade, what he calls “the second inning” of his life, to the study of Hinduism and its teachings.

After a meticulous research, he wrote this volume.

In about 400 pages, divided in 65 small easy-to-read chapters, in lucid story-telling narration, the book describes all aspects of Hindu religion, culture and philosophy.

The book is completely non-fundamental and non-dogmatic in nature; it rather stresses the essential unity and homogeneity of all the religions. Spiritual teachings, which can be practiced in our every-day life to make us more virtuous and peaceful, form the core

of the book.

Now he has uploaded all the chapters on the web site You may

see the Contents List and read any chapter or the entire book free. Also there are “Blessings and Endorsements” from many learned Swamis and scholars. The book has been acclaimed as mini encyclopedia of Hinduism.

Please forward this message to your contacts, especially to India!

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