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[IndianVoice] Fw: She is our mother?

Narayanaswamy Subramanian Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 11:13 AM
Reply-To: "H.S.A.Narayana"

Date: Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:05 am
Subject: Fw: She is our mother?
Dear mother

Born 63 years ago on 15.8.1947, you are more than a good
two decades younger than me. Who is the parent, who the

You had no natural parents. You were artificially created
on the butcher-board of political expediency by vivisection
by the alien enemy conquerors from faraway Europe, after
they had for over 200 years sucked the blood and marrow from
your body, had tried their level best to erase your
identity, your history, your culture, your traditions, your
very system of education and way of life, and left you a
weakling bleeding with internal strife, internal cancer such
as Hyderabad (Razakars) and Kashmir (Azad jihadis).

You were named "India" by the invaders, because the sacred
River Indus was the core to your identity and was an
integral part of your territory. You let the Indus
territory to be incorporated into Pakistan, which now has a
better entitlement than truncated you to be called "India".

Thank you, India, for robbing me of all my landed property
within a couple of years of your birth. Without any
compensation. Thank you for driving me and my family
to starvation by depriving all of us for ever and ever of
our livelihood.

Thank you for dividing my land as your booty/bounty among
those whom I and my ancestors had brought on to the land and
had fed, clothed, housed and paid wages, and had enabled to
live decent peaceful and contented lives with dignity and

Thank you for persisting in your target to starve me and my
family by interdicting us from any opportunities for
education, for meaningful employment, for decent housing,
for business opportunities, for life-saving health
care -- all just because we are a Brahmin
family; because we are neutral in politics, and will
not lick the boots of those who hold you captive.

Thank you for encouraging unbridled and endemic corruption
not only among your politicians in power at all levels from
the highest ranks in New Delhi to the lowest ranks at
village and neighbourhood, but also among all civil servants
and public officers throughout your realm.

Thank you for introducing into your body politic the cancer
of "reservations" and the fatal poison of negative casteism
at all levels, thereby creating hitherto undreamed levels of
oppression against and agony among Brahmins (except the Mani
Shankar Iyer miscreants).

Thank you for seizing Hindu places of worship and handing
them over to the clutches of impious civil servants who are
there not only to rob the installed deities of the wealth
and treasure donated by trusting devotees, but to use the
temples' wealth to fund anti-religious political

Thank you for agreeing to give away large swathes of
Undivided India to India's enemies as their homeland, while
harbouring within your shrunken and weakened borders a
greater number of those very enemies who who carved you up
to create their homeland.

Thank you surrendering hundreds, if not thousands, of
square miles of your territories in the Northeast and the
Northwest, and your former protege Tibet, to godless
hegemonic China. And still playing
footsy-footsy with that blood-thirsty imperialist giant.

Thank you for sending tens of thousands of the flower of
your fighting men (and women?) against peoples of Indian
origin settled in Sri Lanka, struggling against unspeakable
atrocities committed by Sinhalese Buddhist
race-supremacists. Thank you for ingloriously
suffering humiliating defeat at the hands of hit-and-run
Tamil freedom-fighters on that hapless island.

Thank you for calling yourself Bharatha-Maatha, when most if
not all of Bhaaratha-varsham and Bharatha-kandam have
long ago been taken over by your sworn enemies, who now seek
to seize, swallow and digest what little is left of you, while you
spout "secularism", "neutralism" and other such jargon.

Thank you for ensconcing in your royal palace a foreign-born white Italian
practising Roman Catholic woman as Bhaaratha-bhaagya vidhaathaa, overlord
(overlady?) of hundreds of millions of Hindus and their sacred places.

Hail, Mother. We, who are about to die, salute you! Long live India.

S Narayanaswamy Iyer

--- On Sat, 8/14/10, Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan

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