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[GHHF] Dr. Subramanian Swamy On the Coming Crisis of Hinduism

“If there is one thing upon this earth that mankind love and admire better than another, it is a brave man, -- it is the man who dares to look the devil in the face and tell him he is a devil.” James A. Garfield

DR. Subramanian Swami was invited by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation to Chicago to give his assessment of the plight of Hinduism and how it can be protected. He had three sessions at different locations. Dr. Swamy is a captivating speaker and an engaging writer, known for speaking his mind, Dr. Swamy is an alumnus of Harvard University, having obtained his PhD in Economics under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Prof. Simon Kuznets.

Dr. Swamy spoke eloquently on various dimensions of threats Hindu Civilization is facing today which could undermine practice of Sanatana Dharma. Unless all the Hindus are united and fight for their freedom, Hinduism may be wipe it out, the way civilizations of Greece, Egypt, Roman and Zoroastrian were. Hindus cannot therefore be complacent. Hindus have to defend their Dharma from this unprecedented onslaught by other religions, media, communists, secularists and atheists. Dr. Swamy highlight the nature of these threats and suggest what we can do both within India and while in the USA.

He has been challenging the mighty government and championing the cause of preserving and protecting the Hindu way of life. His most recent notable contributions to preserve Hindu civilization are as follows:

. Saved Rama Sethu from Destruction.

. Fought against introduction of Islamic Banking in the state of Kerala.

. Opened Ayodhya Temple for Hindu worship

. Leading the fight to repeal "Hindu Endowment Act" and bring Temple Management back into hands of Hindus.

We express our appreciation for Prasad Yalamanchi and his friends – Madhu Patel, Bhailal Patel and Amar Upadhyaya.

Summary of Dr. Swamy’s Speeches in Chicago

Dear friends, we want to express our appreciation to Dr. Subramaniam Swamy who has put in extraordinary efforts to come to Chicago on 22nd July. Dr. Swamy left Boston right after his class at Harvard, and then we drove straight to Bharateeya Temple in Northwest Indiana from the airport.

People waited enthusiastically to hear him and they had lots of questions to debate. We went on for 2 hours, as it was getting late on a week night Bharat Bai had to call it off. Several drove 60 miles from Chicago. There were about 100 people.

Friday we met human rights activists and exchanged ideas. Saturday we had meeting at Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, after his speech there was again intense debate of question and answers for a total of 2 hours. Some followed him to lunch room to continue their questions to Dr. Swamy.

On Sunday evening Grand Finale at Manav Seva Mandir Patotsav Dr. Swamy appeared as special Guest over 500 people showed up. There were pujas and Bhajans and Dr. Swamy's speech electrified the audience and was interrupted repeatedly with applause. Again there were many questions to answer. Many senior citizens came and told how much they appreciated his speech, especially he spoke in Hindi.

The essence of all his speeches is here. "800 years of Islamic rule and 200 years British rule India remains 83% Hindu. Compare that with it took Arabia 50 years, 25 years for Persia to become Islam, and Egypt 50years, and Europe turned Christian in 50 years.

Patriotic Hindus should understand the structural limitation in the theology that individualism, mistakenly taken nowadays as apathy, and find ways to rectify it for the national good.

This limitation must not only be overcome but we must rectify it, based on durable foundation as Hinduism is being targeted today as never before by terrorism, religious conversion, minority appeasement, debasement of history and gross distortions in mass media.

Hindus had Dharmic rules of war, like fighting only in open fields between sunrise and sunset, besides sending the loser with due honor and dignity. But Muslim and Christian invaders changed rules of combat used devious methods to seize power and establish their own state.

Change of rules what Pridhviraj Chauhan had not realized while repeatedly defeating Mohammad Ghori and then forgiving him. But today terrorists and religious missionaries are doing precisely that again of playing by new and even more clandestine and deceptive rules. We Hindus have to accordingly devise our strategy for dealing with them, and will be successful only after understanding the rules by which these enemy forces will scheme against us.

In the name secularism, it was taboo for a public servant even to break a coconut or light an oil lamp to inaugurate an official function on the ground that religious symbols must not invade public life. This orthodox concept of secularism has depleted the civilization independence of the nation since 1947 when we recovered our freedom.

The Agenda of Vedic Values for National Renaissance.

Therefore Dr. Swamy's call is first and foremost for undiluted unity of Hindus, a unity based on mindset that is nurtured and fostered on the fundamentals of renaissance.

First: The concept of Hindustan defines the identity of India.

That is, Hindustan is a nation of Hindus and those others who proudly accept that their ancestors are Hindus. Muslims and Christians are part of Hindustan, if they accept this truth and revere it. That is FIRST DIMENSION OF NATIONAL RENAISSANCE. IN this inclusive concept of Indianness, we have to examine and determine if the present divisive caste system can be considered as sustainable or we must seek ways to jettison.

The identity of India is thus Hindustan a nation of Hindus with Vedic values and those others who acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus thus respect Vedic values. It is this acknowledgement that remains pending today, delays the unity of the nation on a historic identity based Vedic values. we can accept Muslims and Christians as part of Vedic family when they proudly acknowledge this fact and accept that change of religion does not require change of cultural values. Thus the cultural identity of India is undeniably, immutably, and obviously its Hinduness that is rooted in Vedic values.

Second: Resolve that Sanskrit and Devanagari script will be learnt to the mother tongue and its script, and which will one day in the future be Hindustan's link Language.

All the main Indian languages have already a large percentage of their vocabulary common with Sanskrit. Hence the second item of Agenda has to be a commitment to re-throne Sanskrit as Hindustan's Link Language.

Third: Hindus and those others who are proud of their Hindu past and Origins Learn the correct History of India.

That History which records that Hindus have always been, and are one: That caste is birth-based nor immutable but a code of discipline by choice and adherence. India is a continuum, Sanatana. That is ancient Hindus and their descendants have always lived in this area from the Himalayas to Indian Ocean called Akhand Hindustan, and did not come from outside. There is no truth Aryan-Dravidian race theory.

It must be said at this juncture the Hindus committed to Vedic Values, and barring a small exception despite being duped by perfidy of the aggressors for the last thousand years, and even in defeat remained steadfast in their individual commitment, to defend the Hindu religion. Thus despite state patronage to the ensuing onslaught, plunder, impoverishment and victimization, spread over thousand years, those of Hindu faith could not be decimated, and thus today, Hinduism remains the theology of the vast Indian majority in the length and breadth of terrain of India.

On his way home to the airport, I asked Dr. Swamy why are you putting this treacherous travel every single week, instead of spending time with your family. Then Dr. Swamy said he talked over with his wife, " well I could stay home and have a good life for ourselves, then what kind of world are we leaving for our Children, if we do not speak out against tyranny."


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