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This guru jagadguru keeps making buildings after buildings and perhaps one day he can be buried in one of them and the fate of these buildings will come to naught quite soon.

Why can't he make some schools/universities attached to these temples? Why can't he divert some of the money to clearning the Jamunaji? Or make some handicradft and such schools for the poor beggars in that great Vrindavan/Brij of Shri Krishn?

His ideas and idelogy are as old as he himself is and unfortunately these gurus only spend money where it will show now and for a while later making no real contribution for the progress of today's society and people around it! By cleaning Jamunaji or opening a school/college/university will not eugolize him so much and that's the irony and ill fate of Hindus!

Is there any lack of temples and such buildings in the Brij?

When we Hindus will get out of this outdated thinking and stop following these stupid gurus?

Your comments are highly appreciated. DHANYAVAD.



sher agrawal

On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 9:03 AM, Assudo Bhatia wrote:

Subject: {Jagadguru Kripalu Yog Egroup: %} Prem Mandir inauguration!
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Radhey Radhey,

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj's gift of Divine Love-Prem Mandir is at its last stage of completion. Dates for its grand inauguration have been fixed for 24th, 25th & 26th November, 2010.

Apart from being the biggest temple in entire Braj Mandal and most beautiful one too, Prem Mandir stands as a witness and symbol of Divine Love. Every inch of the temple oozes out the nectarous Bliss of Divine Love. Interior of the temple is embedded with the selected verses of Shree Maharajji. These verses will be source of inspiration and knowledge for the coming generations. The exterior of the temple depicts the beautiful pastimes of Shree Radha Krishna. The temple standing tall at the heart of Braj, will guide a soul towards attaining the Bliss of Divine Love, for thousands of years to come.

Click Here to view the video of Prem Mandir



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At 9:37 PM, Blogger Shailee Adhikari said...

Radhey Radhey,

The word “welfare” has a vast meaning. Opening schools, colleges, adopting villages, feeding the poors etc falls under “physical welfare”. It exists till the body exists. Where as building temples falls under “spiritual welfare”. It will exist till soul exists. If you think that only physical welfare is welfare and necessary, then your idea of welfare is very limited. Broaden your mindset. The Prem Mandir which is being built is not just for your sense gratification. You do not simply go there and sooth your eye sight, like you visit Taj Mahal. When you visit temples, your mind automatically gets attached to God. You read the verses written on the wall of the temple, you see the beautiful pastimes of Shree Radha Krishna and naturally your mind goes to the Divine realm. This purifies your mind. This is where the “spiritual welfare” comes. Which is most important for us as a soul. If you think you are a soul and not body, you will understand this point. Hospitals are for your body and temples are for your soul. When your mind gets upset, you do not go to hospital for peace. You visit temples for peace of mind. And in today’s world where everybody round the corner is suffering from depression, I think the need for such places increases.

This is the basic idea of welfare. Now moving on to building schools, hospitals, etc. Shree Maharajji has opened enough of such schools and hospitals. There are schools, colleges which run for free. There are hospitals in Mangarh, Barsana and one under construction on Virndavan, (which again is the biggest in Braj) which are absolutely free. Not even a single penny is charged there. And from diagnosis to treatment to medicine are provided free of cost. There are many other such projects undergoing.

Still, if you feel building a temple is waste of money and time, it is your personal view. If you do not like it, do not visit it. But there are thousands of people who adore it. I respect your view and will expect the same from you also. Let’s not argue over it.

With humble regards


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