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Dear Vishal,

Namaskar and Jai Hind. A nice and long article; but where is the 'hilarious' part ot it.
It is easy to critciize Pakistan but what about India? Religion and politics do not mix except in Islam where they have free hand and clear instructions for killing all infidels. On the other hand, Hindu religion makes them cowards, perhaps!

For the past 64 years India has played in the hands of politcians who follow the policy of divide and rule and that also with the help of cowardly and greedy Hindus. Even when there was Hindu BJP government it did nothing for the Hindus.

Withouht going in the background since independence, Indian governments have ruled with the help of Moslem vote and appeasement to Pakistan, which the Moslems want and that's what the present Government of India is doing and will continue to do so until, perhaps, India becomes from a Moslem ruled to Moslem dominated country de jure and de facto.

Alas, it would appear to be the future of India; in spite of its all the prgress at the cost of slave Hindus, so forget the vegetation of Pakistan!

Jai Shri Sitaramjiki, Jai Shri Radha Krishnjiki, Jai veer Hanuman1



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(Highly hilarious but very close to truth. A long article)

Pakistan - A Vegetable State
Vishal Bhandari (
17th July 2010

If a man had remained confined to a bed in a hospital for almost sixty-four years and was surviving only on the timely dosage of
medicines and due to the ever-changing face of medical science, one might compliment the advancements of science in away. On the other
hand, it would also give rise to the question whether it was necessary to keep such a patient alive for so long. I mean if a patient is not
showing any signs of improvement beyond the fact that his heart is still pumping, but no visible signs of any response from the brain.
Clinically such a case would be termed as a “Vegetable State.”
Having said that, it gives rise to another question that if one can diagnose and arrive at a conclusion that a certain case had gone far
beyond repair, should not there be a time frame to try ways and means to revive the man. It cannot become a never-ending process, I mean.
For we might be trying our best to save someone, without realising how much the patient himself might be going through then. Just because
there was no means of communication between the two, he might not be able to express and we may not be able to understand that he wants to
kick the bucket.

In today’s world, certain countries have legalised Euthanasia whereas majority of nations are still not ready to grant such a wish to any
patient. Probably, because a very thin line divides Euthanasia from Suicide. It is to choose between mercy killing and suicide. What one
might consider a mercy, other may think was a suicide, therefore such patients cannot be put down as easily as our pets can, when they grow
too old and are left with multiple health problems to deal with and a few months of life to live.

However, one fact is for sure that until and unless the patient belonged to an extremely wealthy family that could afford to keep a
vegetable alive for over six decades, the doctors would have been more than happy to pull the plug at the most, trying their best for three
months or so. Let me assure the readers that there is not one man, woman or a family that has had such patience and perseverance to
accomplish such an example. The sixty-four year old patient I am referring to is a state or a country named, Pakistan. Look at this
whole process through my eyes and you might gain clarity.
Since its birth in 1947, Pakistan has been gyrating as if a monstrously venomous reptile would to a snake-charmers flute. Pakistan
has been swaying mindlessly to the music of the religious clerics, mullahs and whosoever could show them a way to avenge the losses, each
one had borne through partition. The government of Pakistan, its rulers and the advisers could only see their losses. They were not
interested to see that people who left all and sundry back in Pakistan too were angry. However, their resentment did not last that long.

Once the refugees landed in India, they took to whatever options were made available to them and they rose in stature once again, but
Pakistan only concentrated on its one-point agenda – They wanted to fight India. Express their wrath for being unfair in partitioning of
land and other resources. In addition; to having helped Kashmir when the Pakistanis had tried to gain control over it in the October of

The military rulers of Pakistan then and today are still trying to turn that impossible dream into a reality. Over time, it has decayed
beyond repair. To me it looks like a man who is decomposing with every passing minute, but the rest of the members of the family and the
doctors are trying their best to reverse the clock. India still stands besides Pakistan like the rest of the family hoping that the ailing
Pakistan might suddenly revive and begin looking forward for once, while the Doctor, United States has ended up trying all possible
dosage known to them. Therefore, I raised the question in the beginning that in such a case how long is long enough.

For sixty-four years, India has tried to cool the tempers of Pakistan, have fought three gruesome battles or let’s call them surgical
procedures on Pakistan and yet India is hopeful of a revival and I must compliment the patience with which the Doctor, United States is
tending to this patient called Pakistan. If one can understand that Indian and Pakistan shared an emotional bond, it is difficult to
figure out why the Doctors have such keen interest in the case.
United States and other Doctors supporting it have done great experiments on the vegetable-like body of Pakistan. They were able to
cultivate a virus called the Mujahedeen force that managed to tame the mighty Russians. However, even the doctors who invented the virus did
not know a way to stop the growth of that virus beyond a point. Today that virus has split its genetic code into various similar new forms,
thus making it impossible to eradicate their spread.

What started as a Mujahedeen force, later divided into Al-Qaeda, further into Jamaat-ud-Dawah, now to Tehreek-e-Islam and innumerable
more forms that even the Doctor United States has given up keeping a track of. All this started when Doctor United States took the
responsibility of treating an irreversible case called, Pakistan. For sixty-four years, the Doctor has been trying ways and means of
treating Pakistan by administering it with heavy doses of arms, F-16 fighter jets, military supplies, money, and illegitimate support to
Army Generals turned politicians to be accepted as just leaders of state rather than being sideline as dictators. What more remedy does
the Doctor intend to try further?

The Doctor and the family, both need to understand and accept the fact that this case has gone way beyond repair and its time that Doctor
United States pulls the plugs and let the patient cease to its fate, finally. I had warned of such consequences in my article dated 30th
April, this year. Still the members of the Indian family thought of paying a visit to Pakistan to try to revive talks with the leaders.
Here we are dealing with a patient that has barely spoken a word beside ‘Revenge’ and the family expected to have a dialogue instead.
All that the Pakistan has spoken is ‘Revenge,’ in all possible languages spoken around the world, has meant it in its action too; be
it the wars it has fought with India in the past and sixty-four years of infiltration into the Indian borders. Nevertheless, India still
thinks ‘Dialogue has the power to change the tide with Pakistan.’ Both the Doctor and the family seem to have lost sanity over the case. The
more I think of it, the more I feel sure that India might just end up digging its own grave in trying to save and revive Pakistan. As for
Doctor Untied States, this whole fiasco might simply sum as a failed experiment.

Over the past sixty-four years when Pakistan breathed like a vegetable, India has grown manifold in every direction. Today, whether
the world openly admits or not, India is an emerging super-power with the world’s largest single market for anything. Even if various
nations of the world that have had the privilege of ruling India in the past, they should be taught to treat India with utmost respect and
the leaders of this nation should stand tall and erect and dispose their humble postures for good.

If Pakistan has turned into a never-ending problem then our leaders should have the courage to say so without mincing any words and hold
their ground no matter what. Indians should no longer fear ‘Embargo,’ the diplomatic weapon that the developed nations of the world have
used to zip India’s voice. In today’s India, embargo might stop the flow of foreign funds into the nation but on the other hand, the
nations pressing such embargos will still end up losing billions, as they will not have access to Indian markets for their finished goods.
They will not be able produce goods cheaper as they could do in India and they will not be able to employ the expertise of Indian minds that
are today the most sought after technocrats around the world.
Therefore, if developed nations ever think of stopping India with a threat of ‘Embargo,’ I say the leaders should be able to tell such
nations to go ahead. We need to deal with the patient called Pakistan, once and for all and should be able to admit to the world that ‘we
have tried enough, unfortunately we cannot be friends.’ ‘What is stopping us from coming out in the open and letting the world know
that, “We have hostile neighbours like Pakistan, China and Bangladesh and yet we have concentrated on trying to maintain friendly relations
with all nations.” “Now, if an errant neighbour does not give up his attempts to spoil the peaceful fabric of the sub-continent; then India
needs to teach them a lesson, whether the world likes it or not.”
I think it is time that India should first give-up this dialogue business with the leaders of Pakistan. If you look at the leaders of
Pakistan, you can see that they behave as no more than beggars themselves do while they address world leaders in various summits.
Their tear glands are always ready to spill at such meetings, telling the world that they are themselves trying to save their nation from
Radical Islamists.

Pakistani leaders representing the highest offices of state cannot even expect the army officers guarding them to follow their command
and Indians leaders and diplomats are wasting their time in trying to have a dialogue with such fools, I wonder who is a bigger fool in such
state of affairs.

Its time India added a leaf in its pages of history stating that India was partitioned into two parts. One remained to be known as India or
Hidustan, while the newly formed state came to be known as Pakistan. The geographical partition of India also caused one of the bloodiest
human migration that mankind has known of. Pakistan in the past, tried to capture Indian Territory by fighting three wars, in which they have
consistently scored defeat to earn a Hattrick of sorts.
Pakistan has caused much damage by introducing and nursing terrorism into the fertile states of India. Today they help all those who are
ready to cause damage to India. Thus, after tolerating for sixty-four years, India decided to take total control of the situation and taught
Pakistan a very important lesson, to not dare ever again in the future cast and evil eye over India, as they have already lost an eye in
seventies. They probably need to be reminded that they have just one eye left. Therefore, they should tread with utmost care or be ready
for a blind future.

Its time Indian leaders stop taking unnecessary flights to Islamabad and begin spending time with the Chiefs of Defence staff and all other
allied forces to plan a way to plug Pakistan once and for all. If overt methods have not worked any wonders so far, thus we are left
with no other option than to turn covert in our approach. Our leaders and each individual of this nation will have to accept the fact that
we need to stand by India. We have suffered enough for no reason and it is time to end this unnecessary reign of terror.

If the UN does not like our approach, so be it. If developed nations go up in arms, let them do so. It is we, who have suffered the
innumerable loss of lives lost over the decades, both military and civilian. Why weren’t any of these nations holding placards to remind
Pakistan that they were in breach humanitarian conduct of innocent people that lose their lives every time a bomb goes off in a crowded
area of India or anywhere else they plant it in and around the world.
Indian leaders need to look inside for help rather than wagging in front of the leaders of the developed nations. Our leaders need to be
able to stand their ground and tell the world that even though Pakistan might seem to be a global problem today, but we have been
facing this problem for the past sixty-four years and we cannot wait for the rest of the world to decide what they would like to do with
Pakistan. We need to take some urgent measures and we will do so to ensure the safety of our nation and the people that live in it.

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