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SANTAN DHARMA what it is not:

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OH followers of Sanatan Dharma, it is all what all of you say and what our rishis and great gurus have been saying, but let me tell you what it is not:-

1. It is not able to protect itself from any invader;

2. It can be raped, destroyed, followers can be killed or converted without any Sanatan Dharmi raising a finger;

3. It can make its followers, with varied interpretation of it, fight among themselves, kill each other and enslave with the help of outsiders;

4. Its followers least care for the religion, or for saving it, only they can give lip sympathy, write long notes and lectures, like this writer himself, but are unable to do anything concrete to save or uplift the dharma itself;

5. It is not meant to make one's life on earth comfortable but to endure all suffering and loss of the nation itself and do the tapas, sing glories of the past, repeat the name or names of various Gods and wait for the God to come and redress its followers from the clutches of occupiers and invaders; YEDAH YEDAH DHARMASYA.....

6. Make money even if the other dharmis are enslaved and converted and killed; work against your own brothers and sisters and never mind if temples are destroyed and they are used as burial ground ( anyways the priests and gurus and their ilk have a big following and lots of money and while preaching all the sacrifices to the people, they themselves live in comfort and luxury);

7. The list is endless and of course we are very proud of our religion, its glorious past, its high philosophies until remaining Hindus are converted to Islam or Christianity one day or killed and so that will be the end of the Sanatan Dharma which will then be found perhaps in books and museums and history books in Europe, America etc.,

NO NEED TO WAKE UP, DEAR HINDUS, JUST ENJOY LIFE AND SING SONGS OF THE GREATNESS OF THE SANTAN DHARMA, of our high philosophy of tolerance and forgiveness and of our great past and that this world is mithya. In the past Hindus were ruled by a slave muslim king during the moslem rule and now by an AU PAIR of Musolini's ilk, who is bent and is successful in ruling a majority by minorities by all dictatorial and illegal means and the good SANATAN DHARMIS are washing their hands in the behati ganga!


[gita-talk] Please Share TRUE MEANING of SANATANA DHARMA

sadhak_insight Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 12:56 PM

We have a very diverse religion, every one preaches what he likes or which one
understands, but I want to understand what is the true meaning of or Santana

Kantesh Kumar


Hari SharaNam,

What is Sanaatan Dharma? To me, it is no different than what is God?

Bhagavaan/God is abode of the Sanaatan Dharma(..PRATISHTHAAHAM.. SHAASWATASYA CHA DHARMASYA -GitaJi 14/27), God is the knower of the Sanaatan Dharma(TWAM AVYAYAH SHAASVAT DHARMA GOPTAA - GitaJi 11/18) and he is also the protector of the Sanaatan Dharma (YADAA YADAA HI DHARMASYA GLAANI..., DHARMA SANSTHAAPANAARTHAAYA -GitaJi 4/7-8).

SwamiJi while explaining the meaning of "SHAASWATASYA CHA DHARMASYA -GitaJi 14/27" says that Sanaatan Dharma and God are synonyms.

According to GaruaNa PuraaNa-2/1/1, "Dharma" is considered as the root of the Madusuudan (i.e. God) tree. Of that tree, "Veda" is considered as the trunk, "PuraaNa" as the branches, "YaGYa/Sacrifice/duty" as the flowers and "MokSha/Solvation"
as the fruits.

The literal meaning of "Dharma" is to hold/accept/follow (DHAARAYATI SAA DHARMA). The "Dharma" of a person for his accepted/assigned role in a system is to hold/accept/follow according to the knower or the authority or the controller of the system towards keeping the system (including the person) healthy. If the "system" is eternal, the Dharma becomes "Eternal/Sanaatan Dharma" and therefore the directions to perform the Dharma has to originally come from the controller (i.e. God) of the eternal system which could later be revealed to the other eligible ones (e.g. Rishis, Gurus, Messengers etc..) to guide other members of the system. GitaJi-17:23 says that the God created BrahmaNas(knower of the system), Veda (theoretical aspect of Dharma) and YaGYa/duty(practical aspect of Dharma) to help others to perform Dharma.

In my understanding, the meaning of "keeping the eternal system healthy" (which is the goal of Sanaatan Dharma) is "to be healthy eternally while helping/letting others be the same". The same is reflected as "PARASPARAM BHAAVAYANTAH SHREYO PARAM AVAAPSYATHA" (GitaJi - 3/11) ; "AATMANO MOKSHAARTHA JAGAT HITAAYA CHA"; etc..

May all be blessed!
Niteesh Dubey


Here is an extract from ALL ABOUT HINDUISM By Swami Sivananda.
You can Google for the online version.
SANATANA DHARMA means the Eternal Religion, the Ancient Law. This is based on the Vedas. This is the oldest of living religions. Hinduism is known by the name Sanatana Dharma. What the Vedas alone declare to be the means of attaining the summum bonum or the final emancipation, is the Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Dharma.

SANATANA means Eternal.

What is DHARMA? Dharma is so called, because it holds; Dharma alone holds the people, etc. The word Dharma is derived from the root Dhrâ€"to holdâ€"and its etymological meaning is ‘that which holds’ this world, or the people of the world, or the whole creation from the microcosm to the macrocosm. It is the eternal Divine Law of the Lord.

The entire creation is held together and sustained by the All-powerful Law of God. Practice of Dharma, therefore, means recognition of this Law and abidance by it.

That which brings well-being to man is Dharma. Dharma supports this world. The people are upheld by Dharma. That which secures preservation of beings is Dharma. Dharma leads to eternal happiness and immortality.

That which is Dharma is verily the Truth. Therefore, whosoever speaks the truth is said to speak Dharma, and whosoever speaks Dharma is said to speak the truth. One and the same thing becomes both.

Dharma includes all external deeds, as well as thoughts and other mental practices which tend to elevate the character of man. Dharma comes from the Divine and leads you to the Divine.

No language is perfect. There is no proper equivalent word in English for the Sanskrit term Dharma. It is very difficult to define Dharma.

Dharma is generally defined as ‘righteousness’ or ‘duty.’ Dharma is the principle of righteousness. It is the principle of holiness. It is also the principle of unity.

Bhishma says in his instructions to Yudhishthira that whatever creates conflict is Adharma, and whatever puts an end to conflict and brings about unity and harmony is Dharma. Anything that helps to unite all and develop pure divine love and universal brotherhood, is Dharma. Anything that creates discord, split and disharmony and foments hatred, is Adharma. Dharma is the cementer and sustainer of social life.

The rules of Dharma have been laid down for regulating the worldly affairs of men. Dharma brings as its consequence happiness, both in this world and in the next. Dharma is the means of preserving one’s self. If you transgress it, it will kill you. If you protect it, it will protect you. It is your sole companion after death. It is the sole refuge of humanity.

That which elevates one is Dharma. This is another definition. Dharma is that which leads you to the path of perfection and glory. Dharma is that which helps you to have direct communion with the Lord. Dharma is that which makes you divine. Dharma is the ascending stairway unto God. Self-realisation is the highest Dharma. Dharma is the heart of Hindu ethics. God is the centre of Dharma.

Dharma means Achara or the regulation of daily life. Achara is the supreme Dharma. It is the basis of Tapas or austerity. It leads to wealth, beauty, longevity and continuity of lineage. Evil conduct and immorality will lead to ill-fame, sorrow, disease and premature death. Dharma has its root in morality and the controller of Dharma is God Himself.

Maharshi Jaimini defines Dharma as that which is enjoined by the Vedas and is not ultimately productive of suffering.

Rishi Kanada, founder of the Vaiseshika system of philosophy, has given the best definition of Dharma, in his Vaiseshika Sutras: “Yato-bhyudayanihsreyasa-siddhih sa dharmah.†“That which leads to the attainment of Abhyudaya (prosperity in this world) and Nihsreyasa (total cessation of pain and attainment of eternal bliss hereafter) is Dharma.â€

Ram Ram ,
Deosaran Bisnath

In the Vedas Sanatan is eternal and Dharma is Eternal Truth which does not change with the passage of time. Rig Veda refers to "Rtam, Satyam, Dharmmam". Cosmic Laws of Necesssity (Rtam) are eternal truth (Satyam) and following these Rtam (cosmic Laws of Nature) is Dharma. These Rtam are so strng that having created even God follows these sternly lest a great harm is done to Thy Great Wondrous Design- the visible and invisble Brahmand.

Vedas mention a very large number of Rtam like Iddam nan mmam- nothing for self all for society, path of moderation, humility, non violence of the strong like our supreme Mother Prakrti (divine Nature), need to develop WE feeling etc. Following these Rtam is Vedic Dharma.

Only revival of Vedas can strengthen Sanatan Dharma. Even Bhagavad Gita says in Chapter 16 study of Vedas is the divine virtue.
with regards
Prem Sabhlok

Nameste from Dr HKG.
The following words will add more meaning to What is
Sanatan Dharma.

Life is a Puzzle - Solve it.

Life is a Challenge - Meet it.

Life is a Gift of God - Accept it.

Life is an Adventure- Dare it

Life is a Sorrow - Overcome it.

Life is a Tragedy - Face it,

Life is Duty (Dharm )- Perform it.

Life is a Game - Play it,

Life is a Mystery - Unfold it.

Life is a Song - Sing it,

Life is Opportunity- Grab it.

Life is a Journey - Complete it,

Life is a Promise - Fulfill it.

Life is a Love - Enjoy it,

Life is a Beauty - Praise it.

Life is a Spirit - Raise it,

Life is a Struggle - Fight it.

· Learn The History of Mankind, All Religions of The World And The Wonderful Progress Of Science.

· This is not a False World (mithya Jagat) as some Indian Gurus Say,

· Our life in the World, which is within the Universe is True and Real.

· Its invisible maker is called God.

· 100 years of Human Life has Four Goals,

· Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Brief meaning of above four Words is as follows.

· Dharma means Duty in Hinduism. Gain worldly Knowledge and also Learn about obligatory daily Duties during 1st quarter,

· Artha means, Earn Wealth during 2nd quarter,

· Kama means, Fulfill your all worldly Desires and Ambitions during the 3rd quarter, and

· Moksha or Nirvana means ‘Get Liberated from All Desires and Fear of death’ during the 4th age Quarter.

· Try to Achieve All four Goals.

By Dr. H. K. Gandhi.

Vasudev: Sarvam
Thank you Nagajee! Please tell us what is meant by Dharma?

THAT alone is the Sanaatana Dharma, THE ETERNITY, from whicheverything originate,within which everything dwell and into which everything is absorbed. <------------------------------------------------------------------
Dear Naga Narayana,

That was a very nice explanation.

I am under the impression that Dharma is more related to living things. Where as time & space cover living and non-living things.

Also it is believed the creation-destruction are cyclic. That means space & time like the modern science says have a beginning and end.


Dear Kantesh Kumar

Please explain what you feel is Sanatana Dharma and need to clarify ?

Thanking you and best regards


Sanatan Dharma is synonymous with creation. Creation can only be destroyed by Parmatma and He has vowed so many times to personally come and rescue Dharma from destruction, "Yada yada hi Dharmasya, glaanir bhavati bhaarata, abhyutaanaam adharmasya, tadaat maanam srijaamyaham". In the long history of Bharat Mata so many attempts have been made to wipe out Sanatan Dharma from the face of the earth and each attempt proved futile simply because Dharma is and will always be Sanatan. It was founded by no given individual or even any Avatara and hence bears the name of no one. SA = It is, NA=not, TAN=body. If it is not likened to the physical body then it is as eternal as the Atman, and just like the Atman , the word eludes any literal definition in the English language. Dharma originates from Dhri (to support). Sanatan Dharma is hence, the support of the universe resting squarely on the 4 pillars of Truth, Compassion, Charity, and Austerities.

Hari Om


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