Saturday, July 31, 2010


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Namaskar and Jai Hind.

The basic teaching of the Hindu religion is to live and let live; be kind, forgiving and all that; work for moksha and do not retaliate. But unfortunately we have to spend some time on the earth also where you are facing the demons at every stage. So, Hindu dharm does not teach anything to the individual Hindu for defending oneself. Each Hindu waits for Ram and Krishn to come back who will destroy the evil doers.

Until then Hindu dharm is like a holy cow who gives milk to people but people will not only drink its milk but will kill it and eat its meat and the cow is controlled by the 'demons' and that's what is happening for a very very long time until today and there is no respite.

Hindu dharm can keep preaching all its nice and lofty theories and ideas and the best the Hindus can do is to convert to the nazi type of religion which is on a prawl to swallow the whole world and then attack those who still are Hindus; if one decides not to convert or run away, one gets killed, like in Indian part of Kashmir, etc. Therefore, there would appear to be little or no chance for Hindu dharm's survival even in India, the very birth place of such a other-worldly, lofty and naiive religion! Your comments are most appreciated.

Dhanyavad. Jai Shri Sitaramjiki, Jai Shri Radhakrishnjiki, Jai veer Hanuman,



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