Monday, May 10, 2010



In the ‘Art of Living’, we never wait to implement a plan. We start working and everything needed comes by itself. This is Sidhi or Perfection - whatever is needed and whenever it is needed, that should come. Again meditation and pranayama comes into picture here. It makes you such that you don’t feel lack of anything. We need to get back to this stage. What is the use of having a wonderful air-conditioned room, money to buy sweets and all the luxries if you have insomnia or diabetes along with? So we need to create that positive energy around us. This doesn’t happen through worrying and keep thinking. I would like to tell you about two ways of doing work. One is doing something because you want something. Another is doing something as an expression of joy, you do it since you have something. Doing work as an expression of joy or expecting joy makes all the difference. Today a mass population is suffering from depression in the world. The statistics say that it is going to be 50 percent in the coming decade. It is so disheartening to see this for half of the world population! We need to change that. Taking Prosaic is not the solution. It is meditation and Yoga.

Jai Guru Dev



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