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[IndianVoice] Letter from a Father to his Daughter.

Jagannath Chatterjee Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:43 AM
Dear Indrila,

I am lodged in Tihar Jail since June. The food and other amenities leave a lot to be desired but still as an economic offender I am better of than the other convicts. My colleagues and their contacts see to it that I am comfortable. Your mommy comes to visit sometimes. Last I met her was Thursday and she handed over your letter to me.

You have written that you wish to discontinue studying because it feels so boring. But beta studies have always been boring. I too felt so but had I not persisted could I have grown and earned so much? You have to keep the goal in mind. Dream of a free life without any inhibitions and you can understand what I am saying.

You have been pulled up for wearing a low cut jeans you say. It is unfortunate that educational institutionals are regressing instead of progressing. I hear that some minister wishes to introduce the concept of reciting mantras before meals. Why don't we then recede to the stone age? What is the use of education? When children grow up and go abroad will they not be ridiculed if they adopt such a pagan lifestyle?

These are all political machinations beta. Just as I am being persecuted for embezzling a few crores from the company I helped profit billions. There is no one to look at things sensibly. Everybody has his own agenda. The politicians want people to remain backward and starve, so they try to keep girls covered from head to toe and ask boys to recite mantras. Freedom is not in their minds, they want slavery.

You want to know the meaning of your name and why we named you such. I am happy you want to know. There is indeed a meaning to your name. Your mother and I were in Shangrila where you were conceived. Had that not happened our marriage would have been further delayed. So we adored you even before you were born and named you Indrila.

I am a bit worried about your boyfriend. You too say that you prefer the pill instead of condoms. But beta I am worried about your health. Pills, specially the morning after one, are not so reliable and you have already one abortion. As a father it is my duty to ask you both to be careful. Moreover you have to maintain your figure. In case the relationship sours you have to continue looking pretty is it not? Pills can make you obese. Isn't that frightening?

We have suffered so much in life because there was no one to understand our feelings and advice us accordingly. I have struggled and amassed riches so that you can enjoy real freedom. Life has so much to offer, grab it all.

Don't be disheartened if mommy does not have time for you. She has so many things to do. I heard that she is now helping slum children also. Isn't that grand? You should be proud of her. And in spite of all this she instructs the cook to prepare you a good lunch which I know you give to the driver, naughty beta. But mommy's are like that, they don't understand that 15 year olds need a little independence.

And you remember how she and her colleagues helped when I got caught up in that environment mess? She is a godsend for me. Her boyfriend still gives me ideas on how to tackle the senseless people who want things that cannot happen. You can't call them crazy, they are beyond that. Just like those school principals and politicians.

I am very happy you are taking singing and dancing lessons. Salsa is very good for relaxing too. Shalini is a very good dance teacher I know. Does she take my name? We both were neighbours and she was in a live in relationship with me when your mother and I had a brief fight around 3 to 4 years after marriage. She is a very good lady. It was she who sacrificed her pleasures to again reconcile me and your mommy.

I am glad you have her for a guardian. Ask her to come and meet me when she finds time. She was so concerned when she read in the newspapers about my arrest. She phoned me. I assured her these are all routine games and such phases are normal in ones career growth. Life is a struggle and the most daring wins. The only thing to watch out for is that you don't loose sight of your goal. If that happens you are ruined.

You need a motorcycle to join your friends in night races. That will be arranged, don't worry. But don't race without a helmet and other protective gear. You remember what happened to Mridula? But I will never give you the video camera. Your boyfriend will use it to take naughty pictures of you if he has not done so already. I don't want you to get into a scandal dear. People don't understand.

Don't worry about me. I have signed a contract with an educational institution to lecture college students across the country about ethical embezzlement and also about codifying and transfering secret company data. I am writing the book which will be published by a leading publisher. I want to write another targetting school children. One should fill their brains with good ideas while they are still young.

I am looking forward to opening an institute myself. I am talking to experts who will design the publicity material. Maybe I can talk to the government to grant me land for free. That way I can still keep the land if the project fails. That beta, is smart thinking.

I will be writing to you. I am utilising this much needed rest to tone up my body.

With Bahut Love & Chummas,
Your father, Sajjan.

"If you're going to ask people to take the swine flu vaccine for the common good, then let's make sure for the common good that these people will be taken care of if something goes wrong," - Paul Pennock, Medico-legal expert.

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