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MADHU GUINNESS Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 8:12 AM


Double talk by BJP on Women Reservation Bill exhibits party’s usual tactics to befool public. Firstly it demanded debate on the Bill in Rajya Sabha when sensing unruly behaviour of a handful of opponents, left parties rightly suggested voting without debate. However the hurdle was tackled tactfully by floor-managers of Congress led by Pranab Mukerjee. Now BJP has demanded that the Bill should be passed in Lok Sabha by taking into confidence bitter opponents including Yadav-trio.

Everyone knows that Yadav-trio will never agree for Women Reservation which will result in closure of their political shops. There are talks about some BJP male members not happy with the Bill because of fear of losing Lok Sabha seats. Is Lok Sabha a rehabilitation centre for unemployed ones? A party which deceived Lord Rama by forgetting him after taking votes in his name, should not be expected to be fair towards women of this country which constitute fifty-percent of country’s population.

Sensing doubtful intentions of those posing to support the Bill, Union government as interim measure should immediately make it compulsory for all political parties to give at least one-third party tickets to women separately in each state.


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