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satish gupta Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 2:13 AM
To: sher agwl
Cc: bhavesh merja
Dear Shri Bhai Sher Singhji Agarwalji,

I am fwding one of my emails on above issue fr yr infmn please; I wd appreciate to have yr views & comments on these . Thanks & Rgds/ S C Gupta.


Sent: Fri, 25 December, 2009 11:56:21 PM

Respected Acharyaji,

You have greatly honoured me by asking my comments on above two subjects , which I had missed to answer to U promptly as I myself is still NOT in a proper shape & a little amount of pain in my right knee continues which does NOT permit me to concentrate on anything ; my apologies.

Against above two subjects, allow me to write on Contribution of Arya Samaj to Hindu Society first :

1. Swami Dayanand, Founder of Arya Samaj, wanted to rebuilt the entire Indian nation & HINDU Society in a NEW Mould where every Hindu / Arya had to believe firmly that this country " BHARATVARSH" is their own land.

2. He believed & proved that in our Vedas there was NO SUCH thing as UNTOUCHABILITY & he & through his Arya Samaj he succeeded in launching a Great movement against UNTOUCHABILITY which was followed up & taken up by Gandhiji & Congress in a BIG way during our Freedom struggle & post -independence.

3. Child Marriages : In Maharishi Dayanand's days, the child marriages were a very common factor. Maharishi Dayanand & his Arya Samaj propagated against this curse from our Hindu Society.

4. Arya samaj launched yet another related curse of Hindu Society , namely, marrying more than one wife / POLYGAMY : Arya Samaj through "Magic Lantern " Arya Pracharaks who travelled widely deep into the villages & towns successfully removed this evil from our Hindu society.

5.AryaSamaj successfully fought with the orthodox Brahmin Community & established that there was No example in the Vedas to worship the idol as God is OMNIPOTENT , OMNI_PRESENT & FORMLESS, once it is omnipresent, it cannot be confined under lock & key any where and Shri Ram & Shri Krishna are our God Like reality who had never- never committed any sin or any wrong doings ,hence only, Arya Samaj regards them as Bhagwaans.

6. Dayanand & Arya Samaj pleaded with the Orthodox Hindu Community to return to Vedas in true sense & to follow its dictates. He organized to obtain the Original Vedas from Germany & translated them in simple Sanskrit & Hindi along with his famous Book , " RIGVED BHASHYA" , "SOLAH SANSKARS"etc.

7.Aryasamaj propagated that all people are born equal & No one is Brahmin, Vaishya, Shatriya or Shudra by birth , but these are according to the profession one chooses and each of these sects are complimentary to each other & None is superior or inferior to the other.

8.Aryasamaj infused a thought amongst our Hindu Society that the West has NOT contributed anything towards the emancipation of our Country's welfare, rather the West owe to us for everything, every progress which they unjustifiably claim of theirs, including the invention of "ZERO".

9. Arya Samaj believed in a National Religion , based on INTENSE DEDICATED , TRUE , SELFLESS, FEARLESS NATIONALISM, a thought which it propagated amongst all the Hindus of India, preparing for Self-Rule & Freedom, based on equality ; its details are enshrined in " SATYARTH PRAKSH" by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. This was his life's greatest mission

10. Brought about widows re-marriages amongst the Hindus.

11. Stopped the most barbaric & most orthodox "Sati- Pratha" amongst the Hindus of our country.

12. AryaSamaj hit hard on the Blind faiths of Hindu Society & awakened them of these fake/ false Blind faiths which were spread amongst Hindu Society falsely by various orthodox Hindu organizations.

13. Shuddhi Prachaar of Arya Samaj was & still the Greatest contribution to Hindu Society , thereby bringing back our brothers & sisters whom we had lost to other religions owing to our orthodox faiths.

14. Spread of education to all irrespective of one being a boy or girl, of being a Brahmin or of other so called castes. Arya Samaj played its greatest role in starting women's Education every where.

15. In the field of Education again Arya Samaj played its greatest role in strengthening Hindu Society.

16. Arya Samaj opened its First Orphanage in Firozepore , followed by a chain of Orphanages all over the country so that our orphans may not adopt other religions like Islam or Christianity.

16. In the same way, Arya Samaj opened Homes for the widows & Destitude womens to accommodate , train them in some useful profession & to get them married to suitable partners in course.

17. Arya Samaj succeeded in removing the Pardha System from our Hindu Society and Brought Hindu women at par with men-folk. Hindu women of today greatest Debt to Arya Samaj : if Indian women could be seen in walks of our lives & in political Scene, all credit goes to Arya Samaj only else even our Freedom Struggle would NOT have been that Success.

18.Aryasamaj launched a movement successfully that studying of Sanskrit , Vedas & Upnishidas is NOT restricted to Brahamins alone but every caste had equal Rights to study these .

19. Arya Samaj gave Rights to wear Yagopaveet to every Hindu irrespective of one's birth.

20. In those days, any Hindu Travellers overseas, had to undergo penance & give away a lot of gifts to Orthodox Brahmins for allowing them to re-admit to Hindu Dharma, but Arya Samaj got rid of such ills from Orthodox Hindu Society.

21. Hindu Women have to pay back to Arya Samaj the Greatest , as if Aryasamaj had NOT come forward to improve their Social Rights, rights to educate themselves, right to read Vedas , Upnishads, Remarriages , equal rights as per men's , abolition of Dowry system, equal opportunity to select their partners etc.

22. Arya Samaj first time told the Hindu Society the difference of the meaning of good Governance & "own Independent Rule " & instigated people to demand self /own independent rule & to throw away the foreign yoke of slavery of the Britrishers. Arya Samaj was the only First Organization under Swami Dayanand who announbced for the FIRST Time that Bharatvarsh is only of Bharatvasies.

23. AryaSamaj emphasized on Swadeshi & patronising of Swadeshi Products only amongst all the Hindu Community .

24 . If HINDI remained the main stay of our freedom struggle, it was because of Arya Samaj , even today, Arya Samaj can take this credit. Maharishi Dayanand who was a Gujrati, wrote & spoke in Hindi only.

25. Arya Samaj gave to Hindu Orthodox Society , great Thinkers & Fearless National Leaders, Krantikaries, like : Lala Lajpat Rai, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Shri Arvind Ghosh, Bhai Parmanand, Bhai Shyamji Krishna Verma, Bhagat Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Bhai Bal Mukund, Madanlal Dhingra, Madan Mohan Malviye, Bhagat Singh, Krantiveer Bhai Mahaveer , Sufi Amba Prasad , Veer Savarkar, Swami Shraddhanand & Pandit Lekhram & others.

26. Arya Samaj always believed that begging is a worst thing , it is never liked by any one , rather it demoralizes the beggar never- never anything is achieved by begging or on knees bent ; hence Arya Samaj insisted the Hindu Society as a whole to stand on its own feet , on its own good deeds & to muster Courage , to come forward Selflessly to sacrifice one's life for the Nation .

S C Gupta.
Mumbai.Dear Bhai Satishji,

Sasneh Namaskar and Jai Hind.

There is no denying that the contribution of Arya Samaj has been tremendous for the Hindus and I well remember the spread of Hindi, devnagiri lipi in Nortrh and all over India over Pharsee and making of many schools and colleges based on Hindu/Arya Samaj concept were, among others, which saved India in so many ways.

However, with the onslaught of Islam and mainly after the independence India is becoming more and more Moslem and is right now under Moslem domination; it is only a matter of time that India will become a Islamic state, irrespective of the guidance of our greatest leaders in the past and even now, thanks to the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty, the greed of today's Jai Chands and the Saudi money and what not, that's what I am afraid.

So, the only conclusion I can draw from what is happening it seems to be God's wish or his plan and no one can stop it. The HIndus are a lost race and they are living in their past and they do not seem to care what happens to Hinduism or Bharatvarsh, so long as they can amass lots of wealth and name and fame, excepting a very few, but they are quite helpless under the present set of circumstances.

Khans have become kings in India and they are openly supporting Pakistan and the Indian government is behind them; then what more do you want?

We can be very proud of our past and of our highest ideas and philosophy in Hinduism and in Arya Samaj, but then we can also see the complete downfall and all the work done by leaders like Swami Dayanandji, sacrifice of Bhagat Singh, etc. going down the drain!

This may be quite painful but that is a fact we must accept and face and this is the heritage we are going to leave for our posterity,




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