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Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 17:33:39 -0500
Subject: [IndianVoice] SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF THE SOUL---7

Date: Jan 17, 2010 5:11 PM
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The Doctrine of reincarnation is widely accepted. Christ himself has, if not directly,at least indirectly,proclaimed the theory of reincarnation when He told His disciples that John the Baptist was Eliah. The most learned of the Christian fathers, Origen had clearly declared:" Every man received a body for himself according to his desires in former lives". There is no great thinker in the past nor any in the present who had not accepted, expressly or tacitly, the logical conclusions in the doctrine of reincarnation. Gautama, the Buddha constantly made references to his previous births. Virgil and Ovid regarded the doctrine as perfectly self-evident. Among the jews of his age,reincarnation was widely accepted, says Josephus. Solomon`s Book of Wisdom says,"To be born in sound body with limbs is a reward of the virtues of past lives." A learned son of Islam is reported to have declared," I died out of the stone and I became a plant; I died out of the plant and became an animal ; I died out of an animal and became a man; Why then should I fear to die? When did I grow less by dying/ I shall grow out of man and shall become an angel".

In the latter times this philosophical belief was accepted as a doctrine by the German philosophers, Goethe and others. Among the recent philosophers, Max Muller, Hume and Spencer have recognised this doctrine as incontrovertible. Even poets like Tennyson, Wordsworth, to mention a few names have sung about the theory. The infant prodigy, Mozart, is a spectacular instance which can not be explained away: to be logical we must accept the idea of the continuity of the embodiedd souls. That genius wrote sonatas at the age of four, played in public at the age of five, composed his first opera at the age of seven. Can we call this incident as an accident or chance and forget about it? Pl. think.

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