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[sadhaka] For the Benefit of All (Dec 26, 2009)

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|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

26th December, 2009, Saturday, Paush Shukla Navami

For the Benefit of All (Sarva Bhoote Hite Rata)

There is one thing in everyone. That is dependence on something or the other. If that dependence is on anything excepting God, it will same day lead to your downfall. Dependence on anything other than God is a false assumption. Your
body, wealth, family, property, etc. is not for you. It is yours only to serve. It has been given to you to give to the world and to serve the world and to serve God. Depend only on God.

Similarly, none of your actions is for you. All your actions should be for the benefit of others. We do actions to earn/collect wealth or to enjoy the wealth that we think we have created/obtained. Both these things (Earning wealth and enjoying the same) are situate in the world only. They are not for your Self. People may not like this but it is a fact. It is true. You are only a part of God. Your body has been made by your father and mother. It is a part of both of them. But your Self is a part of only God. There is no second. Instead of action - be silent/quiet. Depend only on God. This is the highest secret teaching of the Gita. It appears only once in the entire Gita. Do not be dependant on money, wealth, family, etc. Be dependent only on God.

For our Self, we only need to depend on God and repose. We have to do actions
only to neutralise our inclination to do actions. To get rid of our desire to do. We do not have to do for our Self. The doing must be for the benefit of others. Then only your inclination to do will get neutralised and you will be able to remain silent without doing (from inside and outside) anything. You also do to get worldly things. For this you have to be desireless. This will also come if you give the worldly things to persons who are in need of the same. You should use the bare minimum that you require for yourself. Do only for others.

Your goal should be 'How can I give happiness to others? How can I help others?
What can I do for the benefit of the world? Everything that is destructible is of and for the world. They are not yours or for you. Relinquishment of things
that are destructible is for you. Dependence on God is for us. Repose is for us.
Serve people without wanting anything in return. Relinquish your attachment to
the world and worldly things but serve everybody.

The best service is -

(i) do not think bad of anyone,

(ii) do not do bad for anyone and

(iii) do not want bad for anyone.

This is the best service. You cannot teach this to others unless you practice the same yourself. You have to apply this first in your life. It is only after you have applied this in your life that you will be able to influence others to do the same. Like the fragrance of a rose automatically spreads, similarly, your actions will automatically teach others.

Do everything for the benefit of others. Become a True Karmayogi.

Ram Ram
Radhe Radhe

Summary of the morning pravachan of Swami Ramsukhdasji on 22nd April, 2004

Ram Ram

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