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When he was a small boy he witnessed India’s defeat in civil war and came to Ferozepur, East Punjab, as an orphan and refugee.

“There must be someone higher up to blame for my plight,” he mused.

The highest person is the President of our country. So HE must know why we fled our homes. The little boy began to write a letter to Rajendra Prasad ("Rajen Baboo"), the President of India at that time.

He was told to address him as, “YOUR EXCELLENCY”. But the little boy was not convinced to call the lacklustre & dull BABOO, occupying Presidenet's chair in PARTITIONED India, “Excellency”.

So he decided to write the TRUTH one day.

The right moment came after FIFTY years when he retired and went abroad in disgust in the knowledge of India’s despicable sell-out by Nehru & Gandhi who turned humiliating defeat into “Independence”.

He sent the following letter to the President who was now a woman.

He wrote, “Shrimati Pratibha Patil, I never felt like writing EXCELLENCY to any of your predecessors. I was not, and am still not, convinced that there is anything excellent about your office or YOU.

"In my eyes “Excellencies” were those who came from a small country on the other side of globe, conquered India by GUN and GALLOWS through grit, resolve and unity and ENSLAVED our people.

"They ruled us with an iron fist to make sure that the Hindu and Musalmaan were treated alike and worked along side each other in perfect harmony.

"In this era of BABOO(N)S, the real Excellencies have gone, after forcing India to SURRENDER five provinces unconditionally, treat the Hindus as step children of some Witch, while giving the Muslims all those vast territories, Hajj facilities and you never mind if the First Lady is from Italy or Venezuela, Catholic or Musalmaan.

"All inferior third class NATIVE rulers are defeated and SMASHED. None has patriotism, self esteem and pride.

"Can any son or daughter of an HONOURABLE Bharatiya mother address you as “Your Excellency,”?

"Admitted that you cannot invade Pakistan to bring those parts of India back to Motherland but at least you can give some hope and confidence to the demoralized HINDUS, many of them REFUGEES from the West, the East and even from KASHMIR in the North, by simply declaring, “Partition will have to be re-negotiated or all Muslims must QUID INDIA.”

"For such a well justified but long overdue Declaration you, Shrimati PATIL, will neither be arrested, nor imprisoned nor shot dead by firing squad. But all the Indians, not only the Hindus, will respect you."
"Partition of India" was Unconditional Surrender of India and Death of "Akhand Bharat".

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