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[sadhaka] Why Do We Need God? (Oct 27, 2009)

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Ram Ram

27th October, 2009, Tuesday, Karthik Shukla Navami

Question: Why do we need God?
Answer: Because we find something lacking in ourselves - therefore! We need such a friend, that walks side by side with us, that loves us, that supports us and never moves apart from us, rather remains with us forever. Such a friend can only be Ishwar (God). The point is that God is essential in our lives for love. Fullfiling this need cannot take place by our self, nor by the world. Fulfillment of this need can only happen by Ishwar (God).

Question: How to awaken the need for God?
Answer: When the aim is love and when worldly attractions and attachments leave us, then need for God will arise.

Question: The scriptures and the saints describe God differently. Some say one thing, some say another, then who do we believe?
Answer: What Paramatma is no one knows. Paramatma is with attributes, without attributes, with form, formless - Paramatma is all of it. Whatever has been said about Paramatma it is for our understanding.

So far whatever ways that Paramatma (God) has been described, all of it together has also not described Paramatma entirely. If Paramatma is fully described, then Paramatma cannot remain infinite, rather Paramatma will become finite. All are describing Paramatma according to the religions / organizations they belong to. Also Paramatma's compassion and mercy is such that if we catch hold of any limb (name, form. qualities, divine plays, abode) then he will be attained.

A sadhak (aspirant) must accept only this one point and that is - "Paramatma IS" How He is? What He looks like? Where does He live? What does He do? if an aspirant uses his intellect to understand these, then he will surely get into a fight, and a new roadblock will arise. But "Paramatma IS" by accepting this, there will be harmony with everyone.

Prahladji had not meditated on the form of Narsimha (Form of God as half man-half Lion), he had not accepted this as form of Narsimha as His Divine Beloved. Prahladji had only firmly resolved that "Bhagwaan (God) IS and He is my very own." Similarly Gajendra (elephant) had also called out to God believing that "There is a God (Ishvar).

From "Prashnouttermanimaala" in Hindi pg 65-66 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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