Saturday, October 31, 2009


UK Queen should be forced to wear a burkha: Radical Muslims

Published on Sat 31st Oct 2009 14:29:16

London, October 31 :

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II would be forced to wear a burkha under sharia law, radical Muslim campaigners said.

'The Daily Express' quoted Abu Rumaysah, spokesman for pro-sharia campaigners Islam4UK, as saying that she would also be stripped of all authority and the monarchy would be abolished under the sharia system they want to impose on Britain.

They have already said that Buckingham Palace would be renamed `Buckingham Mosque’.

Rumaysah said the Queen would be forced to cover up in public from head to foot, with only her eyes visible.

“The Queen will not really be a person having any authority under the Sharia. Every single woman should cover from head to toe, only showing her face and hands,” she said.

Fellow spokesman Amjem Choudary added: “If the Queen decides to go outside she is to cover herself like every other woman.”


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