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2 - 5 November, 2009
Inner Journey
6 - 8 November, 2009
Osho Sufi Meditation Camp
9 - 15 November, 2009
No Mind Group
16 - 17 November, 2009
Meditations For Today's Man
18 - 22 November, 2009
Art of Living and Dying
23 - 24 November, 2009
Taste of Meditation
25 - 29 November, 2009
Osho Neo Vippasana Retreat
20 Nov - 4 Dec, 2009
Dance Body Soul

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Health means Harmony
Modern man is not what he was years ago. Technology has changed the very way of life of the modern man. The lifestyle is completely opposed to what it was before and the connection between nature and man is diminishing with time...

MAin Story

Without illness, Nobody will be healthy
A healthy person is bound to fall ill sometimes. But you have different conceptions; you think a healthy person should never be ill -- that is absolutely foolish. It is not possible. Only a dead person is never ill. A healthy person has to be ill sometimes. Through illness he attains to health again, and then the health is fresh. Passing through illness, passing through the opposite, it again becomes new...

Real Health is Bodilessness
Man is not one body, man has many bodies -- layers of bodies. The body we know is only the outermost; inside it there is another, and inside that, another. Rishis have divided these layers into five. The first is known as the food body, the physical body. Ordinarily, we remain attached to this body. We are in a deep illusion and are identified with the physical one...

In Focus

Health – Exercise, Diet And Sleep...
By Swami Prem Sarito
Oh Lordy! Osho, you really got me this time! Meditation – “Living life from the center of the navel” you said. Since 1968 I have been working on this one, but I think I’m more of a lover than a meditator and end up preferring to play. Well, at 82 I’m not much good at that any more either...

Health, Wealth, Happiness And Peace In Today’s Turvy- Topsy World
By Ma Prem Tao
A flock of birds A tall Norfolk pine The Trades come The tree sways Wings flutter and perch Peace. Bliss. I just returned from Canada and what captured me again and again, were the enormous flocks of birds of all kinds literally swooping through the skies in awesome, constantly changing formations as they gathered to head south...

Health And Self Healing
By Ma Deva Naisha
Wellness and perfect health is NORMAL. Ha! What a laugh most people say! I’ve got my backache, my headache, my swine flu, my suspected undiagnosed possibly terminal running of the nose. Every ‘my’ is ownership…and we know what we are like with our property…we guard it, develop it, nurture it, love it and protect it…sometimes to the death...

From Illness to Wellness
By Swami Chaitanya Keerti
John Kapp is a famous Western psychologist, researcher and author. He has written several papers on body-mind health. And he has been doing Osho Dynamic meditation for years and has been leading this meditation also...

Health And The Modern Man
By Ma Anand Bhagawati
I suppose there is such a creature one could call ‘modern man’ but it is actually the ‘old man’ living in a world that has changed enormously during the last few decades, and with the speed of light to boot. The ‘old man’ is desperate to keep up with the many changes and often looks on with quite some frustration...

Story of the Month

Advice of the Enlightened
A woman was very much disturbed by her young child -- she had only one child, and her husband had died. She was rich, but she had lost all interest in life. She was living simply because of this small child, and certainly in such circumstances, children are spoiled; the child would not eat anything except sweets...

Osho Meditation Camps in USA

Osho Meditation Camp in USA with Swami Satya Vedant
Atlanta, GA--It happened gracefully, the transition from external to inner dimensions. We drove to a red brick house. We were greeted by warm, beautiful people. We were led downstairs to meet Swami Satya Vedant...

Care for Earth

I am not against machines. But I am saying that the emphasis should be on human relationship. Machines can be used if they are not against human relationship, if they are not against ecology. If they are against ecology, if they are against human relationship, then they are not to exist at all.
Light on the Path #23

Don't Kill Mosquitoes, Improve Your Immune System
If Science progresses as it has been progressing so far, it can only proceed towards the extinction of mankind. There is no other dimension open to it. Science has to rethink about its old conceptions for now they suspect there is a basic mistake in its very fundaments. They find that all their efforts yield only destructive results. Our efforts to improve life have been herculean but the result has always been...
Effects of Global Warming
The effects of global warming are of concern both for the environment and human life. Scenarios studied by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predict that global warming will continue and get worse much faster than was expected even in their last report...

Manifest Your Zest!
The Times of India (What's Hot), New Delhi, 16th October, 2009
Your energy is your driving force… It empowers you to think, act, speak and do everything that you’re capable of as a human. Let’s appreciate it, says Osho…


Title - Coming back to existence
Meditation - Bringing out the inner darkness
Sutra (Technique) - When a moonless rainy night is not present, close eyes and find blackness before you. Opening eyes, see blackness. So faults disappear forever.
Audio - Not Available


The Book of Wisdom
India has given great gifts to the world. Atisha is one of those great gifts. Just as India gave Bodhidharma to China, India gave Atisha to Tibet.Meditate on Atisha, listen to his advice; it is of immense value. It is not a philosophy...

Tarot - November 2009

Message from the Master
Every being is pregnant with God. Just as the child grows in the mother’s womb, God grows within your being. Clean yourself of all rubbish that you have gathered so that your God can have enough space to grow. It needs all the space that is available in existence – less than that will not do, says Osho, the Zen master.

Laugh Your Way to God
Laughter has tremendous beauty, a lightness. It will bring lightness to you, and it will give you wings to fly. And life is so full of opportunities. You just need the sensitivity. And create chances for other people to laugh...


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