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[Vivekananda Shakha] Sad State of Foriegn Affairs - Most Foolish PM

Rajat offecial Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 12:36 PM
Dear Nationalist Friends,

I am pained to use the word 'Foolish' for the Prime Minister of India. But unfortunately, this is the only word that describes Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister (I was his admirer as Finance Minister under Narsimha Rao).

This man has made mess of India's forign affairs and harming the long term stategic interests of the country. He is scummbing to Chinese pressure, he badly messed up in joint statement with Pakistan PM.

When chinese forces enter our territory, the PM of our country say "Nothing serious, its being blown out of proportion" - He defends the cunning chinese, instead of defending our boundaries and getting agressive.
China blocks the WB's financial assistence in Arunachal - Still our 'Honest' PM feels nothing alarming.
He instead tells Chinese Premier that "Dalai Lama is our respected guest and religious leader" - Is this something meaningful ??
He also mentions that "Border Issue is a complex problem, which needs to be resolved through dialouge" - Manmohan Singh is messing up the issue and is portraying India as a weak Nation. His body language is so poor.
Despite such poor deliberations with his chinese counterpart - Our Mad Mohan Singh is 'Satisfied' with his meeting with Chinese premier ! I think he took his autograph also, for his daughter, hence he must be feeling satisfied (he took obama's autographs, when he met him)
China is not issuing proper passports to Kashmires, still our Foriegn Minister is 'satisfied' with his meeting with his chinese counterpart. Are we serious about such important issues ?
Manmohan always bears a foolish smile, he has no control on his cabinet and even himself - He is like a puppet of Sania Gandhi.
I hv never seen someone at such important position with such low self esteem.
We never had such damaging PM for such long tenure, its sad that we have such poor PM in such a stable Govt - which could have done a great job under an authoritative and decisive PM.
He has a Home Minister, who messed up Finance portfolio and is now messing up country's law and order situation. This sauve looking Chidambaram is the most corrupt and incapable minister in the Government.
I only request all nationalists to come together to expose this failed Government in its second term. Apart from failing on common man issues like Inflation, law and order - This Govt is doing very long term harm to the nation under the most non-sense Manmohan Singh. Its unfortunate and extremely damaging.

Write to to get together to expose this anti-people and incapable government for a serious initiative - I request all nationalists to respond. We need to act, Once started this initiative will gain a lot of momentum.

Looking forward to all nationalists joining the initiative.

Jai Hind !

Regards, Rajat


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