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Gandhi Jayanti- a dialogue between father and son Post Your
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.My Great Grandpa - had a record..
"Suno Suno Aye Duniyawalo BapuJee Ki amar Kahnani.."

ME: I asked my dad who's this "Bapu"? and whats the song about?

Dad:He is MAHTMA GANDHI - father of our nation (India)

Me :What GANDHI? Father of India ? Did he marry Nargis Mother India?
You mean are we the great great grand sons of this Father and Mother?

Dad: No I mean he is a revered fatherly figure of our Nation Son. Have respect.

Me: You're kidding dad, perhaps you are ignorant of the fact:
Today - Hindus in India call him a traitor
Muslims call him a quisling,
and common man say "Majburi ka nam Mahtma Gandhi" meaning to be helpless is another name of Mahatma Gandhi
and most communal riots in India take place in his own motherland Gujarat .

Dad:No my Son -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi -was a national icon who soiled his diaper for India's independence from British colonial rule, empowered by tens of millions of common Indians.

Me:He was called Half clad naked mean nuisance (Baniya) by the British, all the time whipped and clouted by them.
Dad: No my Son, Throughout his life he opposed any form of terrorism or violence, instead using only the highest moral standards. His philosophy of nonviolence, for which he coined the term satyagraha, has influenced national and international nonviolent resistance movements to this day, including the American Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King.

Me: But Dad - British viewed him as a eunuch who could not do anything manly but strike and surrender

Dad: That's British prejudice! From the time he took charge of the freedom struggle and the Indian National Congress in 1918, he was lovingly revered as "Mahatma", .
Apart from being considered one of the greatest Hindu and Indian leaders of all time, he is revered by many in India as Bapu (Hindi for Father

ME; But RSS call him a Duratma (Evil soul)
BJP say he was a traitor of Hindus
the Congress Party hang his picture to remind every
common Indian is as poor as his looks,
Muslims say he was a Mean shrewd Baniya,
Christians say he was no Jesus after all - a copy
cat of what Jesus did and so he is
neither a Bapu nor a mahatma for any Indian of

Dad: It's all a bad propoganda -By means of nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi helped bring about India's independence from British rule, inspiring other colonial peoples to work for their own independence and ultimately dismantling the British Empire. Gandhi's principle of satyagraha (from Sanskrit; satya for truth and agraha for endeavor), often translated as "way of truth" or "pursuit of truth",

ME: History shows vision the other way around ! Had Terrorist group of India( lead by Bhagat Singh) and militant uprising of Subhas Bose did not deter the Britishers, this Bapu of yours would have been a non entity and thrown off in one of the Andaman cells.
In modern India Civil disobedience and Satyagrah are the two big curse of Indian politics and industrialisation. The trade union has gone to dog house because of this adoption of disobidience and satyagrah. So Bapu has done more harm then good for future of India and gave in legacy two beligerent nations Pakistan and India always at daggers drawn and Kashmir as bone of contention for both the countries.

Dad: There is some truth in what you say, but I am from old school of thought and believe Gandhi principles that were simple; drawn from traditional Hindu beliefs: truth (satya) and nonviolence (ahimsa). As Gandhi said: "I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and nonviolence are as old as the hills."

ME: There you said it Dad!! He himself said, he had nothing new to teach he tricked the ignorent Indians to wear Gandhi cap and khadar cloths. But see today, Indians are not aware what Khadar is and look upon Gandhi topi(cap) as office bearers or peon's symbol

Dad: Whatsoever "Bapu" is as pure as Ganges water..

ME: True as the song says" Raam teri ganga Mailee Ho Gayee Papiyon ke Paap Dhotey Dhotey" The ganges now itself has turned impure .. can impurity of Bapujee be far behind??

Dad: I don't know son


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