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[sadhaka] God is Easily Attainable (Oct 6, 2009)

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6th October, 2009, Tuesday, Karthik Krishna Dvitiya

Bhagwaan (God) is the eternal friend of all beings. He is easily attainable by the sinners and the wicked with improper conduct. Mother comes quickly to a weak child.

A mother had two sons. One son used to eat his meals at the proper time and thereafter not eat anything till the next meal. The other son used to munch on something or the other all day. When both sons used to sit down for dinner, the mother gave "rotis" (Indian bread) first to the son who only ate during meal times, because she was concerned that if he remained hungry, he would have to go without food till the next meal. Since the other son had been munching on something all day long, the mother asked him to wait for his turn for rotis. Both the sons belong to the same mother, then why is it that the mother is favoring one over the other? Similarly one who desires nothing else besides Bhagwaan, then Bhagwaan comes to them first, as they are very lovable to Bhagwaan. Besides Bhagwaan, they do not consider anyone else as their own. If they are sad without Bhagwaan, then Bhagwaan cannot tolerate this sadness.

A mother is easily softens up in front of a four-five year old child who gets into a fight with her,. In worldly fights, the one who has the greatest strength becomes the winner. But in loving wars, he who has the most love, he loses. The child says to the mother, I will not come in your lap. But the mother out of her concern for him says - Please come! Please come son! This loving feeling in the mother has come from Bhagwaan Himself. Bhagwaan also has concern and longs for His devotees. The amount of concern that Bhagwaan has for the devotee, that much the entire world does not have. The child is not as concerned about the mother as the mother is about the child. The child while breast-feeding even bites the mother, but the mother does not get angry. If she were to get angry, would the child be able to live? The mother only showers her grace on the child.

Similarly, Bhagwaan is our mother for infinite lifetimes. He cannot abandon His devotees. He considers the devotees as the jewel in His crown. "mein toh hu BHagatan ko daas, bhagat mere mukutmani." Bhagwaan is ever ready to do the work of His devotees. Just as the mother cannot live without the child and the child cannot live without His mother, similarly, Bhagwaan cannot stay without His devotees, and the devotees cannot stay without Bhagwaan.

From "Maanav Maatre Kalyaan ke Liye" hindi and english pg 85-86 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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