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Hats off to India

dineshbajaj Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 8:03 AM

Many of you may have already seen this BUT I pass this article around for your reading and sharing!

water on moon! Hats off to India

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Published on Fri 25th Sep 2009 13:51:48
Updated On Fri 25th Sep 2009 14:43:35

New Delhi, September 25:

Time and again, India has done it and shown to the world that we are second to none. And we have beaten the best in the world both in quantity as well as quality. India boasts of third largest numbers of doctors, scientists and engineers.

India has to its credit some of the greatest discoveries which changed the way we live on earth. And now we have taken a giant leap forward and discovered the existence of water on the moon. Our ‘baby’ Chandrayaan-I, which was described as a failed mission after ISRO lost contact with it, has discovered something which no other country ever did.

The presence of water on lunar surface was detected by India's own Moon Impact Probe (MIP) on Chandrayaan-I, a finding confirmed by US space agency NASA which also had an instrument onboard the craft. The MIP while descending from Chandrayaan-I to moon, picked up strong signals of water particles.

Apart from India's MIP, the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) of NASA on board Chandrayaan-I also confirmed the presence of water.

The landmark discovery by India’s maiden moon mission Chandrayaan-I could trigger a serious hunt for life in outer space. It is a major leap for India’s space programme and the unexpected discovery that water may still be forming on the moon surface has overturned the long accepted view that lunar soil is dry.

ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said that he disagrees with the ‘media version that Chandrayaan-I crashed or failed. Earlier, I had said the mission was a 95 per cent success. Now I say it is 110 per cent success.’ Well, we fully agree with you, Mr Nair.

“There is confirmation of traces of water. It is a path-breaking event as far as Chandrayaan-I mission is concerned. It is very, very significant. So far, no mission has confirmed the presence of water positively,” Nair added.

Today, the world looks up to India. India is brimming with talent and the world hails our IT contribution. And we have been doing it consistently over the years.

Let’s go back in history a bit. At a time when the world was still to start the debate whether earth is round or whether earth goes round the Sun, Aryabhatta (6th century AD), an ancient astronomer gave the theory that earth for sure goes round the Sun. Aryabhatta also gave theory of square, cube roots and solving of simultaneous equation and gave the value of Pi (3.1416).

The theories given by India way back in the 6th century AD are still being used today in the same form. There are many invaluable gifts to the world of today from India.

Without Pi, zero and a fully developed decimal system (yes, this too India’s contribution), we would not have had computer, Internet or even dreamt of space travel.

India has been colonised by Britishers and has witnessed several invasions, thereby, going through an exploitation of the highest order.

It’s indeed a sweet irony that now the emerging superpower India has plans to colonise moon. Along with other major powers, India is all set to embark on its grand mission.

Hats off to India!




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