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O'Lord, let me never foget you


FW: [sadhaka] Oh Lord, Let me Never Forget You (Sep 27, 2009)

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Subject: [sadhaka] Oh Lord, Let me Never Forget You (Sep 27, 2009)

: Shree Hari:
Ram Ram
27th September, 2009, Sunday, Ashwin Shukla Navami

Have enthusiasm in your mind. Do not let your spirit and your courage down. All will become all right when you have enthusiasm within. It is difficult to detach from the world, but it is very easy to realize Bhagwaan (God). We create this bondage with the world. It is our own doing. Bhagwaan is with us all the time. When you say "I Am", Bhagwaan is there 100%. It is only the attachment of the world that prevents us from realizing this. If this attachment is not leaving you, than pray to Bhagwaan (God) saying "You release me from this bondage". Experience your lack of strength to become detached from the world. Many great saints have taken the support of Bhagwaan. Bhagwaan has many different ways of releasing you from these bondages. Therefore simply tell Him. He will shower His grace on you. Definitely! He will.

He is always showering His grace even on those who do not remember Him or do not listen to Him. Bhagwaan never gives up on anyone. Simply say - "Hey Naath mein Bhooloon nahin" "Oh Lord, Let me Never Forget You". You have to give up the ego of your strength and your abilities. With His grace, even the most difficult of all tasks will happen so very easily. And His grace is showering at all times. The fact that you are listening / reading to these messages, itself is "kripa" His grace. He keeps showering His grace.

Even if the child is non-deserving, then too the mother takes care of him. God is both mother and father. "Tvameva Maata cha Pita Tvameva." It is our egoism that is the root cause of all our problems. But God will take care of this. You put your 100% effort and leave the rest to God. Mother may have 10-12 children, but she is entirely 100% mother for each child. Same with Bhagwaan, He is 100% ours. He does not favor any one being over another. Ramji says I do not favor.

God's divine plays (lilas) are amazing. Bhagwaan plays with His devotees. He gets joy in playing with them. There are many more that know Bhagwaan as Bhagwaan nowadays. But there are very few who will turn everything over to Bhagwaan (take complete refuge in God). Very few! Just like mother enjoys taking care of the child, whatever the child does, including messing his clothes, she takes care of it. Child even chews on her nipple while suckling her breast for milk, yet mother tolerates everything. There is no one else like Bhagwaan. Only Bhagwaan is like Bhagwaan. He takes care and provides for all beings. Rukmaniji had tested Bhagwaan's almighty powers of being the provider of all. She had locked up a tiny ant in a box. On opening the box, the ant was feeding on a little piece of rice, fallen from Rukmaniji's tilak on forehead. Bhagwaan's compassion is amazing. Whoever depends on Bhagwaan, is never forsaken. He provides for all the infinite beings. Such a Bhagwaan is ours, our very own.

Surdasji was blind from birth. He once asked God to free him. He sat under a tree near a river, and everything was provided to him for his sustenance. Bhagwaan does all the work. Even today devotees in this age are taken care off with great love. Just like Mother is joyful in doing the children's work, similarly, God is happy to do devotee's work. There are many stories about devotees. Nathji a devotee, one day stubbornly said to Bhagwaan - I will not go for bikhshaa (begging for food / alms). He simply sat in one place and starved for three days. Suddenly a cowherd came and brought him some milk. Bhagwaan takes care of everyone. Such is our Bhagwaan. Gentlemen, simply become engaged in Bhagwaan. Only God is Mine, No One Else Is. "Mere Toh Giridhar Gopal, Dusero na Koyi."

From Discourse in Hindi on Jan 2, 2004 at 3:30 pm by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
Ram Ram

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