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: Shree Hari:
Ram Ram
24th September, 2009, Thursday, Ashwin Shukla Shashthi

I have heard the story of a saint who was going somewhere by train. A muslim passenger was sitting across from him. When it was time for "Namaaj" (prayer), the Muslim stood up, spread his handkerchief and began his prayer. The saint stood up as well. He kept standing while the Muslim was doing his Namaaj. After the Muslim completed his Namaaj, he asked the saint, why were you standing during my service to God? The saint replied, he was in service of God's servant, as the person who is praying to God is not an ordinary person. That person is in direct touch with God.
The names of God may differ from religion to religion and language to language, but there is only one God. When a person is devoted to the worship of God, the Almighty, he no more remains an ordinary person. Rather, he is in direct touch with the Supreme Being.
Just as an officer in a high position has great influence and authority, in the same way a devotee of God wields great influence and authority, as he is the representative of God, who is the Supreme Being. It is said in the Gita -
"Na tvatsamostyabhyadhikah kutonyo lokatra yepyapratimaprabhaava." (Gita 11/43)
"O Possessor of incomparable glory in all the three worlds, there is no one else equal to You, then how can anyone be superior?" (Gita 11/43)
He is the beloved of God for whom God Himself says : "Bhagat mere mukutmani" He is the jewel set in My crown. A devotee for whom God Himself has such a high regard deserves even greater regard from us. We should thank our stars if ever we are able to see (have darshan of) such a devotee.
From "The Divine Name" in English pg 14, by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram


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