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These kinds of tragedies invariably happen when the values and ethos of the (Sanatana) Dharma of the land are spurned and ridiculed by the very government which is supposed to protect and uphold it. The Koyanaa Dam was planned and built during Nehru's regime who foisted false gods in the minds of millions of people by proclaiming that "large dams (like Bhakra-Nangal, Koyanaa, etc.) are the real temples of modern India", while at the same time he ridiculed people's faith in genuine temples like Somnath and Amarnath Temples, scorned the Sattwik power and energy of saints like Samarth Ramdas, Shri Bharati Krishna Teerthaji (of Vedic Math fame) , etc., and belittled the inspiring and uplifting patriotism of Shivaji, Veer Savarkar, Subhash Bose, Guru Govind Singh, etc. -- all in the name of imposing the alien concept of religious 'secularism' (atheism) on the nation's governance. The large educated but westernised class of Hindus need to get out of their mental and intellectual slavery and bondage so that they can learn to better recognize who are their real friends vs. who are 'dhutaaraa' (deceptive) friends.

MaNinaa bhuushitaH sarpaH Kimasau na bhayankaraH ..........(Hitopadesh)
[A poisonous snake, even when bedecked with a dazzling diamond does not become any more approachable without danger]

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A Saint’s Visit to Koyanaa -Project

(Translated from Marathi biography of Bhagwaan Shridhar Swaamiji Mahaaraaj)

After the Koyanaa -Dam was full of water in 1963, there were frequent shocks of earthquakes. Why this was happening in a non-earthquake- prone area suddenly was a secret not known by anybody. What needs to be done to prevent these shocks was not known to any expert. There was an atmosphere of fear in the Koyanaa - Nagar and surrounding villages. Scientists and geologists put there heads together but did not succeed in suggesting any measures to save the dam. In fact no scientist can predict or prevent an earthquake!

Now authorities turned their minds to find out if any spiritual powers can save the dam from destruction. They decided to approach holy man(a siddh purush) and bring him to Koyanaa Dam so that by his spiritual power he could reduce the destructive powers of earthquakes.

Chief Engineer of Koyanaa Project, Shri Maane decided to meet Bhagvaan Shridhar Swaamiji Mahaaraaj at Sajjangadh and bring him to Koyanaa Nagar. He came to Sajjangadh and met Swaamiji and explained to him seriousness of problem at Koyanaa Nagar. Swamiji agreed to visit Koyanaa Dam.

At 2 p.m. on Vaishaakh Shukl Trayodashi in 1965,Swamiji climbed down Sajjangadh along with 15 of his disciples. Below there were four vehicles of Koyanaa Project waiting for the Swamiji. As was decided, the vehicles started moving towards the Koyanaa dam. At Koyanaa Nagar Shri Maane,Shri Kaapre and Shri Kundargi etc. received Shri Swaamiji and his disciples. Shri Mane took Shri Swaamiji to his bungalow where many people were waiting for his darshan and blessings.

At 5 p.m. Shri Swaamiji came on Koyanaa Dam behind which was vast Shiva Saagar Lake . On that day, it being Narasimha Jayanti, Shri Swaamiji was observing fast. He took bath in Shiva Sagaar Lake . Shri Swaamiji stood at a place where shocks were prominent and was in Bhaav Samaadhi talking to Lord Raam. He found that the Local Gods and Goddesses were unhappy and felt insulted and troubled due to construction of Dam and other project activities. In the project area many suicides were taking place. Water Gods in the vast stretch of Shiva Saagar lake were not propitiated. As a result many accidents were also taking place. Shri Swaamiji saw all this with his inner eye and told the authorities of the project: “look you should erect a Shiva-ling with constant water flow on it. Second thing is, this is a holy land which was made holy by the dust from the feet of Shri Samarth Raamdaas Swaamiji and Shivaaji Mahaaraaj. To earn the grace of these two great souls their statues should be erected on either side of the dam. Please keep in mind that debt of the ancestors and gods should be repaid. Do not forget these two great souls are Gods of Maharashtra. In short we should pacify the agitated energies of Gods around this project area. Shri Maane, the chief engineer, assured Bhagavaan Shridhar Swaamiji that he would implement his suggestions”

Thereafter Shri Swaamiji visited Hydro-Electric- Generator at Pophali at 10 p.m. In the night at 2:00 a.m. 3rd unit of this plant was switched on by Shri Swaamiji. Shri Swaamiji and his disciples were staying at guest house of Koyanaa Project. Swaamiji saw many places around Koyanaa and Pophali. At Swamiji’s suggestion a temple dedicated to Prataap Maaruti has been built. Maaruti is protecting the areas under the project. Shri Swaamiji left the guest house at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and reached Chaaphal for Lord Raama’s morning poojaa.

My comments:

As promised by Shri Maane the Gnagaavataran, the statues of Samarth and Shiva Chhatrapati have not been erected on either side of the dam- may be due to secular policies of the Government.

On 11th December 1967 at 4:21 hours Koyanaa Nagar experienced an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude. About 200 people died, thousands were injured and 5000 people became homeless within minutes. The Dam itself developed some cracks but it was saved from bursting. From 1960 to 1985 there were about 17 shocks of greater than 5 magnitude and about 150 shocks of greater than 4 magnitude.

Later studies said that when dam was full for the first time in 1963, the energy stress at the geological fault lines was equivalent to an earth quake of 6.8 magnitude. Till now more than half of the energy is released. Remaining energy will be released in coming decades.

Was the dam saved due to the visit of Bhagavaan Shridhar Swaamiji Mahaaraaj? Could the devastating earth-quake of 1967 have been avoided had the statues been erected?



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