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Namaskar and Jai Hind. India prospered and we are where we are today because of the Hindu nation at the time and the domination of Hindu religion and culture; but now we are dominated by Islamis and Christians, who have no scruples whatsoever, whose very basis is dishonesty, lying, murdering and having their way by hook or crook whereas Hindu religion preached and Hindus practised honesty, integrity, non-violence and what not. So where India will be in another decade or fifty years with the Islamis and Christians having taken over India, is anyone's guess how far we will go, if not forward, we can be going backward!!

And by the way what Abdul Kalam Azad did to make India the strongest nation on earth, as you say, what about all the Hindus and Sikhs who made so many sacrifices to save the nation and bring it prosperity. And none of the Islamis or Xians made any effort to get India free. It has been the character of the Hindus as prepared by the Hindu religion that we see all those brains and progress. And why these Muslims and Parsees could not achieve the same in other nations? They succeeded in India only because of the Indians and of their their character and will having been moulded by the Hindu religion.

Your reply would be appreciated.

I only hope God always has a hand in whatever happens to a person or a nation and so ultimately it is upto him what Hindu Bhagwan Krishna has in his plans for India.

Jai Ramjiki, Jai Shri Radhakrishnjiki, Jai Veer Hanuman !


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On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 6:31 AM, RAVI GUPTA wrote:

Dear All:

On this Independence Day we should express our gratitude to Gandhi and Nehru who had the grand vision of creating an independent secular India. Look at what has happened to the non-secular countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Iran among many failed Islamic states. We would have joined the ranks of these countries if we had chosen to be a Hindu nation.

Look at all the developed nations. They are all secular. They have been able to make all kinds of progress because of their secular constitutions.

India has survived 10,000 years of history because of its secular roots. We have welcomed people of all kinds of religions and ethnicities. The Jews, Christians, Parsis and Muslims are an integral part of our society.

How can we forget that it was a Christian (David Hume) who in 1886 created Indian National Congress to free India from the British; it was a Parsi (Jamshetji Tata) who laid the foundations of modern industry in India in late 19th century; it was a Muslim (Abdul Kalam Azad) who made us one of the most powerful nations on earth today; and finally it was a Sikh (Manmohan Singh, India's present prime Minister) who saved India from a national bankruptcy only 15 years ago? Where would India be today without them? Do we want to alienate creative minorities by declaring India to be a Hindu state? THINK!

Indians are adaptable and progressive people. The 21st century belongs to Indians. By listening to a few religious crackpots we cannot allow India to go back to the stone ages.

Let's be grateful to our forefathers who laid down their lives so that we and our children and grandchildren could enjoy our lives today and tomorrow.

Jai Ho! (Another Minority contribution!)

Ravi Gupta


At 10:00 PM, Blogger INDIAN HISTORY said...

India Survived as it not only accepted people in india but also knew how to fight.
Gupta Wear Bangles on you hands..
Your wife will have many


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