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[aryayouthgroup] Solar Eclipse tomorrow - Some dos and don'ts

savarkar vinayak Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 11:12 AM
Please see the annimation of the eclispe, very professionally designed..


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From: Rahul D
Subject: [Branded Indian] Solar Eclipse tomorrow - Some dos and don'ts
To: "Rahul"
Date: Tuesday, 21 July, 2009, 4:10 PM

Good Day Brothers and Sisters,
Its Tuesday, 21st July 2009

Hello My dear Brothers and Sisters,

The longest solar eclipse of the century is set for prime time slot
on every news channel since the past couiple of days

It'll start tomorrow on Wednesday early morning here in Mumbai
and Thane (about 5:30 to 7:15 AM is the major time period
for poojas and worshipping) ...

For the religious minded, one is advised to take a bath before the
commencement of the eclipse (say around 5:20/5:25 AM)
and then another purifying bath (still wearing the clothes)
after the completion around 7:15/7:20 AM ..

(An animation of the start and end of the eclipse can be seen here
http://www.shadowan dsubstance. com/)

These clothes are then to be given away in charity ....
Of course that's much easier if you are taking a dip in a river
at a religious place but quite uncomfortable logistics
to implement at home

If you can do this, fine .. otherwise lean on your Faith ...
Hope you have been developing it

The interim time period betwween the two baths is advised
to be spent in pure and spiritual thoughts and contemplation
on the DIVINE ..

For some this is through chanting, for others through incantations

Hindu thought believes that all water bodies become sacred

like Ganga Jal during eclipse and all Men acquire brahmin stature

Hence any action is action as committed by a brahmin ..

Punya karma will accrue many times over and so will the

effect of any bad deeds affect one many times over

A point to be noted is that those who have a small temple at home

(Most hindus do), you have to take care to NOT touch any of the idols
during the eclipse time ...

After the eclipse and taking the 2nd puificatory bath,
donations are made to brahmins, in temples and to the poor ...

Again, sentiment and feelings and cheerful charity
is of prime importance ..

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There are some scientific experiments also slated to be conducted
to study various phenomena and collect important data
for further research and analysis ...

Wednesday's eclipse will be the longest solar eclipse of the century.
Lasting six minutes and 39 seconds, it would be visible across
Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific.

The eclipse also marks the celebration of the
International Year of Astronomy globally.

Wishing everyone all the best in coming through the eclipse ...

Especially some sane sense for our political leaders,
some of who are hopefully making the effort in steering the
country and nation towards its rightful and righteous destiny
(fingers crossed)

Jai Hind
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With best wishes,

Love you all

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