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Article: Gandhigiri Fatwa of Political Rapists

Premendra Agrawal Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 12:43 AM

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Gandhigiri Fatwa of Political Rapists

Indira Gandhi' 'Monkey sena' was for getting freedom of India but now Rahul Gandhi wants to convert it in 'Political rapist sena'.

We hear every day about various types of cleric fatwa and terrorists' fatwa. Now Congress inaugurates Gandhigiri fatwa of political rape through Rita Bahuguna Joshi, president of Uttar Pradesh Congress. Political rapist receives O.K. of Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of Congress.

Rahul Gandhi agrees with Joshi's sentiments and anger:

A day after it seemed that the Congress was trying to distance itself from the objectionable remarks made by its state president Rita Bahuguna Joshi against Chief Minister Mayawati, the party general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that though Joshi's language was unfortunate he agreed with her sentiments and anger.

Navbharat daily reports that Rita Bahuguna Joshi said to rally gathering that you throw these money on their face and said that if rape happened against Mayawati then you give one crore Rupees.

Given the context in which Joshi loosely talked of Dalit rape victims being compensated with money and rhetorically asked whether a compensation of Rs 1 crore would satisfy Mayawati in the event of her facing similar humiliation, Rahul Gandhi enjoys political rape discussion and he comes forward to prove in the defense of Raita Bahuguna that she did not intend to insult the Dalit chief minister.

Gandhism vs Gandhigiri

Gandhiji's three wise monkeys are symbols for ''Speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil.'' This may be called Gandhism. But present Gandhis convert this in totally opposite to that as ''Speak evil, hear evil and see evil.'' This may be called 'Gandhigiri'.

Sanjay Dutt used 'gandhigiri' in 'Lage raho munna bhai'.

Kamal & Roti are the 1857 symbols. Now gandhigiri is videshi roti & rose of Nehru Jacket

Prime Minister is silent on political rapists march:

We salute Super PM's commandment

A dutiful loyalist in government (again in 2009)

Secular minority appeasement

Gandhigiri's flowery bombardment

On terrorism Naxal Maoism

We salute you!

On the beginning of political rapes

On the dalits

In the shape of Gandhigiri!!

Political rape is used to punish political opponents

Rahul Gandhi and his Congress present a very good example of this through Rita Bahuguna Joshi.

There may be four kinds of rape:

Genocidal rape, Political rape, Opportunistic rape and Forced concubine. Political rape is more dangerous among these four. Political rape punishes individuals, families or communities who hold different political views. Here Rahul Gandhi attempts towards political rape though UP Congress Chief Rita.

Political rape is a dangerous kind of psychological torture

Psychological torture through political rape is worse than physical torture. Political rape is more painful than physical rape. Breaking the hearts of dalits through Raita Bahuguna Joshi by Congress is more effective on the soul of dalit honor of dalit than injuring the sensitive parts of the body at the time of physical rape.

Tribute to womanhood!!

Was Sonia right to say that her selection of Pratibha as a President of India means tribute to womanhood ? Why Sonia is silent on Rahul's O.K. on Raita's statement?

Pt Nehru to Manu (son of former congress minister) and Tandoor Sharma are symbols of "A tribute to the womanhood". Besides the CIA documents, disclosure of Pamela Mountbatten's about the love affairs of her mother Edwina Mountbatten with Pt Nehru was the beginning of giving tribute to womanhood which still Congress follows.

Sonia Gandhi's sponsored women leader faces

Honorable Pratibha Patil as president is the invention of Sonia Gandhi.

Lok Sabha speaker Meera Kumar, daughter of former Dalit leader Jagjivan Ram is the latest invention of Sonia Gandhi. What did she for the benefit of dalits? She is silent on this issue. Though there is uproar in the lok Sabha.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on July 17, 09 described as "unfortunate" the comments by Uttar Pradesh unit Chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi against Chief Minister Mayawati but criticized her fetish for installing statues while ignoring development.

Sonia Gandhi inaugurated Mumbai-Worli-Sea-Link on June 30, 09 to give its name Rajiv Gandhi Setu. Why not Kalgidhar Setu instead of Rajiv Gandhi Setu :

How many roads, bridges and other government places are in the name of Nehru-Gandhis? What is the difference between Maya and Gandhis?

Rita Bahuguna vs Varun Gandhi

Priyanka and her brother Rahul Gandhi wanted to teach Varun Gandhi on his speech at Pilibhit. Why they forget to teach Rita Bahuguna Joshi, president of Uttar Pradesh Congress on her remarks

Chidambaram has a soft corner in his heart for gays. Gay pride becomes UPA pride.

Is this coincidence that woman leader Rita Bahuguna politically rapes another woman leader Mayawati?

Analysis by Premendra Agrawal



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