Saturday, June 13, 2009


If you did not vote while you were entitled to vote in the last election, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING THE CONGRESS GOVERNMENT, WHICH IS IN FULL POWER NOW, DOES OR DOES NOT DO for you or for your community or if it gives crores of rupees for upliftment of Moslems and gives a free hand to Christians to convert as many Hindus to Christianity as possible. Please also find out and see as to what percentage of your community, your friends, relatives and other Hindus voted! Not even 10 per cent of them! Then how do you expect a government which will represent you?

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I will be forwarding the thought provoking mail so that (hopefully
more eyes will open


On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 12:11 AM, Bharat J. Gajjar
> Dear Sri Venkat,
> Yes, I wrote this article. Anytime you see Bharat J. Gajjar or Professor
> Bharat J. Gajjar both are me. I have been with VHP and HSS for many many
> years.
> Sincerely,
> Bharat J. Gajjar
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> This is a brilliant letter which should make Indians wake up. Did you
> write it? Let me know since I am forwarding it.
> Bharat J. Gajjar
> May 19, 2009
> White People Are More Intelligent Than Indians
> I once met an Indian man who was telling me how great and intelligent
> American and British are. So I asked him a question, “Do you think
> that white people are more intelligent and more capable than Indians?”
> That stopped him in his tracks; he turned and looked me in the eyes,
> and said, “Yes, of course.” Not the response I was expecting, and
> this made me think about how 1,000 years of slavery had brainwashed my
> fellow Indian.
> So I asked another Indian fellow, if he believed that Sonia Gandhi,
> who is the embodiment of all of the above, a white Catholic woman, is
> more capable than any Indian Politician? He didn’t answer me, but he
> was saying, “yes” in his silence, and he is proud that Sonia Gandhi is
> running India. Not knowing that she has a 5th grade education and
> began her career as a housemaid. Just because she married a
> descendent of Prime Minister Nehru she received her position in India.
> Indian people see a white woman and go gaga over her.
> Now that the Congress Party has won the election, the Indian people
> have given them the right to upgrade Muslims and Christians and
> downgrade Hindus. Last year the Congress Party gave 3,000 crore of
> rupees for uplifting the Muslim Community and now have permission to
> give even more money. Christian’s missionaries now have a free hand
> in converting Hindus. Now the Congress Party has the right to steal
> even more money from all the Hindu Temples and distribute it to
> Muslims and Christians.
> Dear Hindus, if you did not vote and I understand that 50% did not,
> you have no right to complain. You have the right to make money and
> enjoy life and not care about your nation. You have not appreciated
> the democracy that has been extended to you.
> Bharat J. Gajjar


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