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[prohindu] Statement of Dr Subramanian Swamy, Chandigarh, May 06 2009

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Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party and former Union Commerce Minister, at Chandigarh on May 6, 2009.

1. The Janata Party is in a national alliance with BJP, and I have already campaigned for BJP Lok Sabha candidates in Tamil Nadu, Delhi. I am here in Chandigarh to campaign for Satyapal Jain.

2. The Janata Party supports the BJP because the two parties share a common ideology and political ancestry. Also, the JP agrees with the BJP manifesto's correct identification of the three main challenges facing the country today: viz., Economic Development, National Security, and Good Governance.

3. The Congress Party is bankrupt of ideas and unable to face these challenges. The Party has no economic programme except for some ad hoc measures which have been ineffective.

4. Its leadership is singularly inept in handling the problem of terrorism and national security because the party is dominated by leaders with terrorist links, be it with LeT, LTTE, or Naxalites. It is truly mystifying for example, how the widow of Rajiv Gandhi (who was assassinated by the LTTE), can possibly have an alliance with pro-LTTE parties in Tamil Nadu which parties openly justify the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. No Indian widow would ever have anything to do with such parties. But then Ms. Gandhi is not an Indian except on a technicality.

5. On Governance, the UPA has failed to do its duty to take effective steps to bring back lakhs of crores of rupees kept abroad in illegal bank accounts. This is because its top leaders have secret accounts abroad. Even the Supreme Court has expressed dissatisfaction over the UPA government's dilly dallying on this issue. The nation is today shocked by the leniency shown to and abetment of Quattrocchi

4. In 2002, I had provided (see & click on "Know Your Sonia") details on how to find out the illegal bank accounts of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi{see Annexures}.

5. Principally, from the Marcos investigation, the Swiss authorities in 1991 came to know that Ms. Sonia Gandhi was the beneficiary of Rs.10,000 crores belonging to the Nehrus. Moreover, a Russian Commission of Inquiry Report had disclosed that Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul were recipients of KGB funds. Recently, the Volcker Report of the UN revealed that the Congresss Party was paid funds by Saddam Hussein. Although Natwar Singh was probed for his name also being in the Report, the nation still needs to know who had authorized the Congress Party, if not Ms. Gandhi as President, to accept the tainted money – This was never investigated.

6. In September 2001, Rahul Gandhi and his lady friend, Veronique were arrested by the FBI of USA in Boston airport for carrying US$1,60,000 in cash without declaring it in US Customs. How can he carry so much cash if he is honest?

7. Since the Maino family fund manager is Quattrocchi, and hence he has to be set free now in a hurry before a successor government prosecutes him after May 16th.

8. Both Ms. Sonia Gandhi's and Rahul Gandhi's bland denials of any wrong doing cannot be accepted for two reasons: First, when these charges were made in a full page advertisement taken out by some NRIs in the New York Times, the Congress Party branch in New York had sued for defamation, claiming Rs.500 crores as damages. But the New York State Supreme Court dismissed the suit because Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi failed to appear and lead evidence. Second, both Ms. Gandhi and her son have been caught lying on their real name and educational qualification. Since these lies were on affidavit, therefore it is perjury. Hence, denials of perjurors cannot be accepted. An investigation is necessary.

9. Shri.L.K. Advani was therefore perfectly justified in demanding that Congress Party come clean on the Swiss bank accounts, and that the Government make efforts to bring back the lakhs of crores of rupees back to India. The JP hopes that a patriotic government headed by BJP will therefore be formed after May 16th, and the nation's loot abroad can be brought back.


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