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By P Eng Suraj Singh- Election 2009-Secularism Versus Communalism- Secular Forces Versus BJP- What A Post Your
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By P Eng Suraj Singh- Election 2009-Secularism Versus Communalism- Secular Forces Versus BJP- What A Tyranny In Bharat India! Why Should Educated Hindus Vote? There Is No Political Recognition Of Hindus. Media Too Is Anti Hindu- All Hindus Are Sleeping

1 UPA is back to power with different faces. UPA used the previous allies & then threw them. The pro Congress people of Bharat overlooked all the serious issues relating to the nation & successfully voted back UPA to power. Just 37 % polled & Congress won the election. 70 x 30 % means 20 crores of votes. The 20 % comprised of more than 10 to 15 crores Muslim votes.

2 There was no issue of price rise, no issue of terrorism, no issue of corruption, no issue of law & order & no issue of any issue. The nation had been moving smoothly with Jai Ho. The Bharat India has risen to greater heights while the people of Bharat are extremely satisfied with the health of the nation Jai Ho. There are being no jobs for the educated people or the uneducated workers do not make any difference. There is no drinking water in hundreds of thousands of villages also makes no difference to the people. The black monies in foreign hands too does not make any difference either. The terrorism does not make any difference to the millions of people.

3 The crores of people living below poverty line do not make a difference as they shall continue to live with that level for decades to come. The crores of people have no shelter does not make a difference as the open sky is the shelter. They all love the trio Sonia, Rahul & Priyanka. They do not know who Man Mohan is all about? The educated persons are as usual conventionally useless for the national political scenario for they have no time to think for the future of the nation. They do not know that ours remained a slave society for thousands years & we should now not remember that either. The memories are too difficult to cope with. Why to remember bad times in life? Though they did not experience those slavery moments but shall definitely welcome re slavery era.

4 The saying that god helps those who help themselves does work but the god has also gone on vacation from the Bharat India view point. There appears to be invaded certain strong virus within the god’s IT network system. The god is not at all interested to clean the virus for there is no meaning as far as Bharat is relevant. Bharat people intend to just live like slum dogs in the mind slums. There is no need for the nation to be ruled by the good & dynamic leaders but just by one family as has been going on for decades. The politics is not the discipline of crores of population for the politics does not sound a good profession by the most respected esquire grandfather of corruption.

5 Why should Hindu community bother about the future? They have got too good experience of living in the age under Mughals & British slavery. They can again respond successfully if so required in incoming 15 to 20 years. Why should they mind? In the past also the Hindus failed to fight with the Mughals & had handed over the reigns to the Sikhs for the Hindus protection. This time also the protection has gone to a political Sikh under the patronage of an Italian guardian.

6 The nation shall need not worry about anything until the rules by the foreign powers in combination with the Muslims is well established in the name of Secularism the integrally defines the recognition for the welfare of Muslins & Christians in entirety with the bashing of Hindus. Bharat cannot be called great if the power is controlled by the Hindus but it brings a good environment of secularism in the Bharat lands when the Christians & the Muslims are involved with the ruling powers. The Hindus are well experienced to reside as slaves without any attention for care by the UPA.

7 The people intended to stay home on the voting day allowing Muslims & Christians vote en mass benefiting the Congress & their pre poll allies win the elections. BJP could not mobilize the voters to vote against the Congress corrupt government. Why should one go to election polling booth just for nothing when there are crores of people to vote on their behalf? It is no use to waste the resting time for voting. What shall voting do? My vote shall not make any difference. Let me sleep as I am too tired. Those who receive 5000 rupees for one vote are duty bound to go for polling & they did well for the UPA election.

8 Why do I write such blogs as there is no need at all? But yet my conscience does not allow by assuming that it was the heat waves that barred the voters from coming out of homes. The cars too did not work properly on that day. Many tried in the day but were then back after finding that the mercury was more than 40 degree celcius. No problem the vote shall be cast in another five years but on that day, the hotel for a visit to some sight seeing is already booked. Please do not argue I am OK with the title Pappu. After all it is a good title as Pappu does not share any responsibility. The others can manage in my absence when the nation gets slavery again.

9 It is better to be secular like Congress & UPA. Secularism gives good health & good food. Secularism treats all my illness. Secularism gives me peace & confessions. Secularism is my mother & my destiny. BJP & others are the enemies of Bharat as they have been awarded a decree of ‘communalism owners’ by the UPA. They are exclusive non secular & the nation shall die in case they or other non Congress parties rule the Bharat India. There should be no concern to the Hindus if Ram is degraded or his existence is questioned or he used to drink & never qualified engineering for constructing Ran Setu bridge. The only requirement is the persons like Ram Puniya who always talks against communal forces.

10 Why should we care for Bharat history of Ramayan & Mahabharat? Bharat should be remembered based on Mughals, British & Congress & UPA history exclusively. All others are imaginary states. Only Jesus & Al lah are the gods in secularism. Ram & Krishna were communal. Ram killed Ravan & Krishan was responsible for Mahabharat. Then why should we go for voting? It is completely a waste of time. Let us have pleasure by the secularism based nation.

11 It is better to apply Gandhi Giri in all affairs of life. If the nation has to be under Islamic rule, the people must be happy to extend their support & pay to the Talibans protection amount. All the Hindus shall be able to pay this tax to the probable Mughals of Bharat. They shall also support the Christian missionary government if that could be in the offing.

12 Are the Hindus so mind sick that cannot take their political care themselves? A Non Political Party Is The Need of The Day.
Jai Bharat Vandematram

P Eng Suraj Singh


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