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[aryayouthgroup] Re: Fw: 21st. MAY 1991: HINDUS’ DAY OF DELIVERANCE

Shriharsha Sharma Sat, May 23, 2009 at 6:02 AM
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Hindus are orphan in India as well as in overseas countries Why is it so?
Hindus are humilited in their own country and Hindus are suffered in Fiji,Malaysia,Tinidad,Sri Lanka,African countries and many other countries and have no support fron Government of India Why?
Because secularism is the guiding principal since 1947 under Nehru-Gandhi' s Congress and its foreign-minority rule in India for most of 62 years and at present being ruled by Euro-Italian women called Sonia Maino Antonio Gandhi where the P.M. and his cabinet has more respect for this dynasty[ nasty] than the people and constitution of India. They take oath for the severeignty and integrity of India but since 15.08.1947 the have lost sovereignty and integrity of India.
India's condition will be worse than Zimbabwe under the present UPA and its allince of opportunists.



NATO bombed SERBIA to liberate the MUSLIM enclave of Kosovo. Turkey invaded CYPRUS to liberate the Turks in the North. Britain went out to FALKLAND ISLANDS to make sure that the people of British origin living there were not harmed. But when it comes to "Broken" Bharat under Congress (ITALY & ISLAM), the NATIVES (Hindus) have NO voice, NO status, NO identity, NO future- both at home and ABROAD. Why is this so?

Tamils of INDIAN origin have been killed, crushed and destroyed without mercy in Sri Lanka while the subjugated Hindus in their land of origin, India, watched.

For one “BOFORS CHOR”, who hated the Hindus, a MILLION innocent Tamils had to perish. Is it not like 1947 when for Nehru’s chair as prime minister FIVE PROVINCES had to be surrendered and two million innocent Hindu/Sikh lives sacrificed on the altar of Mohammed?


On that day in 1991 a brave Tamil lady, reincarnation of Sri Rama's SPIRIT dispatched “Rascal” Rajiv, the reincarnation of Ravana's GHOST, to Hell.

Hindus in Hindusthan have NOT seen freedom or sovereignty for the last 1000 years.

What was supposed to be Independence in 1947 after centuries of savage and brutal treatment by Turks, Moguls and the British, condemned as “Kafirs” by Arab, Persian and Afghan MASTERS, not to speak of the Europeans, including the Portuguese, the French and the Dutch, besides the British, turned out to be PARTITION in which one third of India became Pakistan and reverted back to dark and savage Sharia Law. How are we to liberate the co-called Pakistanis from the agonising suffocating "Cage" of Koran? How? Their restless agonised soul is "on fire" because it really belongs to HINDUSTHAN and their deep spiritual roots are SANATAN DHARMA (HINDU) like their ancestors, for millennia.

Our cherished Secularism in Lahore was caught and killed outright. With the death of Lahore also went the memory cells in Hindu brain. There is not a single day designated to remember the time when Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi were in India. The very idea of mentioning "Akhand Bharat" to the RASHTRAPATNI Pratibha Devisingh Patil is like seeing a man eater TIGER in her dream.

In order to PERPETUATE his dynastic rule Nehru had to subjugate & impoverish the natives, intimidate and brainwash them, cripple their aspirations, kill their initiatives and keep them ignorant just as the British had done before. He needed strong allies. So he did the ultimate treachery by retaining the separatist seditious MUSLIMS back in his bleeding Partitioned India despite Partition!

Nehru refused to discuss or explain the terms and conditions of that historic & humiliating surrender. Nehru was an autocrat. He was a dictator. Territorial loss of India and the unprecedented scale of massacre of Hindus in 1947 amounted to the destruction of Germany under Hitler in 1945. In area Germany lost to Russia, Poland and Lithuania*** the equivalent of ONE Indian province whereas India was forced to surrender FIVE PROVINCES unconditionally to the ENEMY.

Dispute over Kashmir was of Nehru's own making. It was his idea of keeping the nation insecure, thus looking up to him & his Dynasty as their Saviour. It diverted the attention from the blood bath in Lahore to "saving Srinagar".

It was also his way of enriching himself with the wealth of the poor by taking bribes and commissions on big defence orders of expensive weaponry including fighter planes, tanks, cruisers, submarines and guns. A cunning and devious barrister!

The nation remained so impoverished that decades later Indira’s election slogan was, “Gareebi Hataao” (Eradicate Poverty!). This, while her own Dynasty & Party were continuously looting and plundering their dumb subjects, reducing them to grinding poverty through corruption, red tape and criminal neglect.

The DEVIL'S TRINITY- Nehru, Indira and Rajiv, sapped the entrepreneurial spirit, inflicted "license, quota and control" system of bureaucracy on their subjects and turned a blind eye to corruption all round. All rivals and challengers to their authority were promptly eliminated. All INITIATIVES died their natural death due to lack of encouragement and support. Only those projects got approval that were wholly or partly owned by foreigners or by Party supporters. One could not even admit to being a Hindu in Hindusthan.

Indira imposed Emergency and threw thousands of her opponents in jails. She started the training camps for Tamils to prepare them to fight against the Sri Lankan Government. That was meant to be an excuse later to send the Indian Army to kill them there. In the same way she contrived a trap for the simple Sikhs to launch her Operation “Blue Star” later.

Assassination of Indira provided her son Rajiv and Congress Party stalwarts the best excuse to massacre thousands of Sikhs all over India. No such massacre took place after Bapu Gandhi and Rajiv were killed. Does one need brains to comprehend as to why only the Sikhs and the Tamils were targeted so ruthlessly but not the Kashmiri separatists who have brutally forced the Hindus out of Valley?

Rajiv brought his wife from Italy in keeping with Nehru's contempt of native females. The elderly “sons & daughters of soil” did not see their own wives and daughters degraded by such “adoration of the foreigner”.

At last Divine Hand struck Rajiv and he got his due on May 21st. 1991 for meddling with the Tamils as his mother got her due at Halloween, 1984 for meddling with the Sikhs.

The impact of Rajiv’s assassination was profound. Dynasty's direct STRANGULATING HOLD on the Hindus snapped. Manmohan Singh took over as PM and however much of a poodle he might be of Sonia, he is not one of (Dirty) Dynasty. The Hindus should rejoice.

Manmohan Singh put India on road to individual and corporate freedoms. Hindu spirit of initiative and love of adventure met in him. A new breeze of liberalism started blowing across India. His submission before the “White Elephant” is only the reflection of the Hindus’ very own deep attachment to slavery.

One must now watch out for another growing menace in the shape of the new dynastic "dog" who is eagerly waiting to sit on the Prime Minister's chair and then celebrate his “Royal” wedding at tax payers’ expense to Veronica from Venezuela. What sort of a set back that would be for the subservient HINDUS, only time will tell.

Here is a SLAP in the face of HINDU pride and patriotism. Quote: Rajiv Gandhi could not find more beautiful lady than Sonia Maino in India . Like that Rahul Gandhi is also unable to find Indian girl more beautiful than the Spanish Girl. Unquote.


Let us hope that the momentum toward freedom given by Manmohan Singh will propel the nation forward and there will be Divine intervention to take care of Rahul just as it did in the case of earlier Gandhis (the so-called “Mahatma”, Indira and Rajiv).

21st May was the day in 1991 when fresh breeze started blowing across Hindusthan, replacing the putrid stink of bogus Gandhis’.

Celebrate May 21st as India's Liberation Day. Let us invite our Tamil brothers and sisters from Sri Lanka to join us.

Let us now swear NEVER TO LET ANOTHER GANDHI SIT IN PRIME MINISTER'S CHAIR AGAIN. Hindusthan must at last be liberated by the Hindus.

Does it not sound right? Does it not sound logical? Does it not sound decent? Does it not sound commonsense? Does it not sound honourable?

But who will convey this message to the one billion out there- waiting to throw flowers on Veronica from Venezuela and touch her feet?



*** Germany surrendered



To Lithuanian KLAIPEDA, formerly MEMEL.
INDIA surrendered


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